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CxAlloy(TM) Introduces a Powerful Suite of Cloud-Based Project Tools

May 1, 2012

ATLANTA, May 1, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — CxAlloy(TM), a leading provider of comprehensive cloud-based solutions for facility project delivery, compliance, carbon footprint management and facilities maintenance, is proud to announce the release of CxAlloy Suites(TM) software, an online suite of products that are cloud-based, paperless and completely flexible. Designed to address the needs of building owners to manage quality throughout the construction process, optimize facility maintenance, and track, plan, review and reduce carbon footprints, the powerful suite of tools includes three modules: CxAlloy Total Quality (TQ), CxAlloy Facility Maintenance (FM) and CxAlloy EcoScale (ES).

All modules are designed for access from any location via mobile device.

CxAlloy TQ((SM)): Ideal for owners, designers and construction managers, CxAlloy TQ is a collaborative project-quality management and analysis software that provides a reliable means to capture and track all critical project information. The flexible, customizable and easy-to-use platform affords secure access by the entire project team from any location in the world, allowing an entire team to access or update the latest information on each project instantly, and helps ensure the delivery of a successful building platform.

Kevin Theis, director, Facility Infrastructure Solutions with HealthTrust Purchasing Group, is currently using CxAlloy TQ for a portion of his company’s commissioning work and has had positive experiences with the software on several completed projects, which he previously managed for Corrections Corporation of America. Theis notes, “The dashboard allowed me to have executive visibility on a daily basis and monitor the status of multiple projects. You can customize it to your projects and drill into them directly from the dashboard. You can navigate directly to low-level details – down to a specific issue.”

Tom Basler, warranty representative for Parsons Corporation, an engineering, building and construction firm, has used CxAlloy TQ to manage warranty issues for a group of school projects for Fulton County Schools in Atlanta, Georgia. According to Basler, “I can go into CxAlloy TQ and put in a project. For example, if the rooftop unit at a school is not working, or is low on Freon, or needs a motor replacement, I can suggest sending out a technician. I can copy the architect and send a copy over to Fulton County school maintenance. Everyone gets an e-mail to go into CxAlloy and review this issue. I can also put in a trouble alert and suggest not using this type of unit in the future.”

CxAlloy TQ organizes and tracks data from every discipline. Easily accessed functions make managing timelines, sharing documents and reviewing designs virtually effortless. Issues can be logged and tests can be performed, all in near real-time. Additionally, the software serves as a repository for all critical compliance documentation, such as regulatory, audit and environmental requirements. CxAlloy TQ validates overall project quality through metrics and analysis and protects return on invested capital (ROIC) for buildings, systems and equipment.

CxAlloy FM((SM)): This module automates the complexity of day-to-day operations and provides an intuitive, powerful system for managing the intricacies of facility maintenance. It simplifies the tasks of organizing and correlating maintenance schedules to manpower and streamlines operations and maintenance programs with automatically generated work orders that can be accessed and closed in the field. CxAlloy FM is a paperless system for scheduling work orders, managing supply inventory, and accessing equipment performance history.

CxAlloy ES((SM)): This module is the most powerful online tool available for total building resource management. The software allows building owners to set and manage carbon footprint goals for a single floor or an entire campus. Simple and easy to use, the software captures data for scopes 1, 2 and 3 with automatic calculations for CO2e emissions in accordance with federal standards. Reports can be generated as carbon equivalents (CO2e), energy equivalents (MMBtu), or as originally entered (kWh, scf, gallons, etc.). Behind the scenes, the software calculates benchmarks and goals for any number of buildings and infrastructure considerations. Clients use the graphical report functions to provide easy-to-understand metrics and share their sustainable goals publicly.

“CxAlloy ES is a total solution that is customized to the needs of each organization,” said Kirk Maxey, director of CxAlloy. “Our goal is to make carbon footprint inventory and reporting as user-friendly as possible. It’s important to our clients not only to comply with federal mandates,” said Maxey, “but also to demonstrate their responsiveness to the community.”

CxAlloy ES also empowers sustainability compliance officers to set benchmarks and track the success of sustainability goals across one building or an entire campus. The CxAlloy ES dashboard provides at-a-glance information in real-time that makes reviewing resource usage quick and accurate. Customizable report options make reporting to local authorities or federal agencies easier than it’s ever been.

“CxAlloy ES is very customizable,” said Lauren Dufort, director of sustainability for Central Atlanta Progress, who manages sustainability initiatives in downtown Atlanta. “Some of the other tools on the market will track high-level data, but you can’t always drill down to the individual building. Or, they only allow you to analyze one building at a time. CxAlloy ES lets you manage an entire portfolio or campus of buildings. With the use of CxAlloy ES, we are able to set a baseline and get an aggregate view of our progress. We can pull out reports on any level at any point in time. It shows us where we’re making progress and what needs focus. It’s more flexible and more scalable.”

Product demonstrations may be viewed on the company’s new website, www.cxalloy.com.

About CxAlloy

CxAlloy provides comprehensive cloud-based solutions for facility project delivery, compliance, carbon footprint management and facilities maintenance. The company is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. For more information, call 678-990-8001 or visit www.cxalloy.com.


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