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Soft & Shield Hand Sanitizer and Moisturizer, a Safe and Healthy Alternative to Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizers

May 2, 2012

HACKENSACK, N.J., May 2, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — The current news and publicity of teenagers consuming alcohol-based hand sanitizers in an effort to get intoxicated has alarmed parents. In addition, there have been recent reports of many cases of alcohol poisoning by children under 5 from ingesting alcohol hand sanitizers. We believe consumers are seeking a superior and safer product for their families to use.

Many public health officials are becoming worried that these types of incidents could be evidence of a dangerous and serious new fad. With these alarming new reports, we believe concerned parents need a safer alternative to alcohol-based hand sanitizers. Soft & Shield is the perfect product to keep children safe and germ free.

Unlike any of the alcohol-based products that are commonly sold, Soft & Shield is an alcohol-free, non-toxic, safe for children, and lightly scented moisturizing lotion that serves as an invisible protective glove over the hands. Soft & Shield provides at least four hours of protection and kills 99.99 percent of harmful germs and bacteria.

“We’ve invented a new lotion which is safe for children, disinfects and moisturizers hands and also keeps germs away for most of the school day,” explained Sheldon Wexler, Chief Operating Office of Napp Technologies LLC. “No longer do people need to keep reapplying unsafe alcohol-based sanitizers, which have a short and limited effect, often resulting in red, irritated skin with repeated use.”

Wexler said our goal is to provide a unique product which is a safe alternative to alcohol sanitizers that concerned parents can use for their children.

While Soft & Shield is a new product and has not yet entered the national mainstream, Napp Technologies has coordinated limited distribution in key markets. In the tri-state area, there are approximately 100 independent pharmacies stocked with Soft & Shield, plus it has also been made available at small retail chains.

“Soft & Shield is totally a New Jersey-based product,” Wexler said. “It was invented here, it is manufactured here and it will be distributed from here.”

For more information, or to purchase the product, please call customer service at 201-692-7936, or visit our website at www.softandshield.com.

Napp Technologies LLC is a premier distributor of bulk pharmaceutical products for over 40 years. For further information please contact Linda Squires at (201) 692-0278.

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