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Say Hello to the New Face of Sustainable Travel

May 7, 2012

CHICAGO, May 7, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Amble Resorts announces their 2012 Island Intern, Mike Corey. The 26-year-old Toronto, Canada resident won the Island Intern video contest hosted by Amble Resorts and will spend his summer exploring the 400-acre Panama island where the eco-luxury Resort at Isla Palenque prepares to open its doors later this year.

In his video submission, Corey introduces himself as a world traveler with a background in biology and a serious passion for the wildest creatures and experiences on the planet — a perfect fit for a job description that calls for the exploration and documentation of an island largely unknown to adventurous travelers.

Isla Palenque, soon to be home to Amble Resorts’ highly anticipated eco-resort, is a 400-acre jungle island boasting an abundance of fascinating wildlife species, an old-growth forest preserve, twelve beaches, towering volcanic bluffs, and mangrove and lagoon ecosystems. The island’s wild environment is certain to show Mike Corey the experience of a lifetime, one that other travel enthusiasts will have the privilege of experiencing through videos, posts, and photos on The Ambler blog.

“Isla Palenque is the perfect eco-playground for somebody like me to get truly lost and spend my days unearthing the mysteries that are still hidden on the island,” says Corey. “I’m extremely excited to get started, and even more so to show everyone what I discover. June can’t come soon enough!”

The excitement for Corey’s summer on Isla Palenque is shared by leading travel experts that gathered to evaluate the Island Intern candidates.

“He’s open, eager, and has a solid grasp of the newer media,” said Andrew McCarthy, writer, director, and Editor-at-Large for National Geographic Traveler.

Over the past two weeks, the contest reached a competitive pitch as contenders ranging from accomplished environmental filmmakers and photographers to social media specialists and seasoned world travelers vied for the internship on Isla Palenque.

What gave Corey an undeniable appeal to the team at Amble Resorts, aside from his proven storytelling abilities both on-screen and on the page, was the prospect of inviting such an accomplished curator of the natural world to a jungle paradise teeming with native wildlife species.

“We’re certain Mike will be blown away by what he sees on our island,” says Benjamin Loomis, founder and president of Amble Resorts. “We’ve been sharing firsthand accounts of our eco-development journey for two years now, and I’m excited to deepen the way Isla Palenque is experienced online with footage and accounts from an avid biologist.”

The Island Intern Contest was an exceptional travel promotion. Instead of merely requiring finalists to compete for the most votes, Amble Resorts asked the top ten candidates to submit proposals as to how they would share the natural wonder of Isla Palenque while becoming a steward for its preservation. The eco-resort includes a 220-acre preserve and is painstakingly designed so as to sustain the jungle and coastal ecosystems in which it is immersed.

The development goal is to showcase a luxury resort harmoniously coexisting with pristine nature, and understanding the island and its wonders is paramount to the experience. Among Corey’s plans for sharing the island with guests and advocates: creating a weekly timelapse video from the island, posting images and firsthand observations on social media sites, and documenting surprise wildlife encounters from his unscheduled ramblings while getting lost on Isla Palenque.

To follow the 2012 Island Intern Mike Corey on his expedition to Isla Palenque, members of the online travel community are encouraged to visit The Ambler and connect with Amble Resorts on Facebook and Twitter.


About The Resort at Isla Palenque

The Resort at Isla Palenque is a secluded and sustainable resort community opening in late 2012. The resort invites prospective homeowners and the media to travel to Panama and see the property on a hosted Site Expedition.

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Amble Resorts is an ecologically sensitive resort development company focused on providing life-changing travel experiences in places of spectacular natural beauty and historical significance.

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