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USAI® Lighting Unlocks The Potential And Power Of LEDs, Leading Industry To New Frontier

May 7, 2012

LAS VEGAS, May 7, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — How does the lighting industry define innovation? For USAI Lighting, it is as easy as color, optical control and performance. This year at Lightfair® International, May 9-11 in Las Vegas (booth #2118), the leading lighting manufacturer isn’t just raising the bar, but raising industry standards with the correct balance of these three key components to fully harness the power of LEDs in ways never before possible. Understanding the “balancing act” required to strike the perfect lighting equilibrium, USAI Lighting has achieved architecturally beautiful and highly engineered fixtures that outperform and outlast traditional sources – including MR16s, CFLs (compact fluorescents) and metal halide solutions – for the very first time.

“By delivering LED solutions that provide unparalleled efficacy, optical control and high-CRI options once deemed impossible, USAI Lighting is not only breaking the boundaries of traditional sources, but is also setting a benchmark for the lighting industry as a whole,” said Bonnie Littman, president of USAI Lighting. “We transform current industry limitations and customer challenges into the inspiration that fuels our next-generation of lighting solutions, providing industry-first innovations that allow end-users to realize with LEDs, they can in fact have it all. We believe this knowledge is the key to unlocking LEDs’ true potential – and will forever change the way the world perceives – and works with – this groundbreaking technology.”

The Lighting of Tomorrow Realized Today

Responding to customer needs and industry demands, USAI Lighting has made previously unattainable LED light features a reality. Fully realizing LEDs’ power – and beauty – the Company’s novel solutions add to a built space’s design story in ways never before achieved with traditional light sources including:

  • NanoLED® NXT: Award-winning NanoLED NXT provides the fixture-to-fixture color consistency needed to accurately illuminate a space. NanoLED NXT also features an industry-first 10-degree optic within a 2.5-inch aperture – delivering the greatest beam control in the smallest possible package.
  • BeveLED® 2.0: Outshining sources such as CFLs, BeveLED 2.0 offers more than 2000 delivered lumens from 33 watts, providing end-users with high-CRI (Color Rendering Index) options and a 2-step MacAdam Ellipse for ideal color consistency while using significantly less energy.
  • The One(TM) LV: Defying traditional design boundaries, The One LV, a versatile low-voltage modular linear LED, enables seamless and uniform illumination of coves, casework, display cases and architectural details for optimal design flexibility. Measuring 5/8-inches high by 1-inch wide and available in 6-inch to 4-foot lengths, the solution’s design blends neatly into a variety of complex spaces only 2.5-inches from the vertical surface.

Designing a New Approach to Lighting

USAI Lighting’s LED solutions are not only ahead of the technological curve, they also feature the masterful craftsmanship needed to accentuate the beauty of a variety of spaces. The products perfectly balance smart design and style.

Using USAI Lighting’s ever-evolving LED portfolio, recognized by Architectural SSL‘s Product Innovation Awards, IES Progress Reports and Next Generation Luminaires (NGL) Design Competition, designers have access to architectural LED lighting solutions that don’t just fit into a space, but seamlessly become a part of it. These versatile solutions also enable designers to:

  • Reach new heights by incorporating architectural LED solutions such as BeveLED 2.0 within 30-foot ceiling installations – a feat not previously possible.
  • Fully convey a design story with ultimate beam control as achieved with NanoLED NXT’s industry-first 10-degree optic through a 2.5-inch aperture.
  • Achieve even greater fixture-to-fixture color consistency for high-quality aesthetics within a 2-step MacAdam Ellipse while using greater than 50 percent less energy, with solutions such as BeveLED 2.0 to acquire more than 2000 delivered lumens per 33 watts.
  • Take back their space with NanoLED NXT’s and BeveLED 2.0′s powerful architectural features that stylishly blend beauty with brains in the smallest packages possible.
  • Meet evolving needs through the use of universal housing, as seen in NanoLED NXT and BeveLED 2.0, allowing downlight, wall wash and adjustable functions all in one for ultimate design flexibility.

Even with Lighting, Beauty is Only Skin Deep

It has been said beauty is fading, but smart is forever. Fortunately with USAI Lighting’s latest product offerings, both elements can co-exist. Technologically advanced, USAI Lighting’s LED solutions surpass traditional source performance in the following categories:

  • Color Consistency: BeveLED 2.0 and NanoLED NXT achieve a 2-step MacAdam Ellipse and +/- 50 K for optimal fixture-to-fixture color consistency. Further enhancing the lighted environment with the pleasing architectural aesthetics of traditional light sources, each solution also provides 90+ high-CRI (Color Rendering Index) options.
  • Beam Control: Meeting the optical challenges of LED technology head on, USAI Lighting’s newest solutions feature increased beam control in the smallest possible fixtures, including NanoLED NXT, which offers an industry-first 10-degree pin-spot optic and wider beam spreads up to 50 degrees.
  • Unparalleled Performance: NanoLED NXT offers 1000 delivered lumens, 50 lumens per watt (LPW) and a 10-degree optic with a center beam candlepower (CBCP) of more than 9000, while BeveLED 2.0 provides a powerful punch with up to 2100 delivered lumens, more than 60 LPW and a 10-degree optic with a CBCP of 29,000.
  • Flexibility: Using proprietary universal housings, BeveLED 2.0 and NanoLED NXT can adjust from wall wash to downlight to adjustable functions in one fixture. Readjustments do not require additional installation or renovations, providing ultimate flexibility after installation.
  • Serviceability: Valuable time- and cost-savings achieved through new LED technology is vital to preserve end-users’ bottom lines. Meeting these needs, BeveLED 2.0 and NanoLED NXT feature long-life properties (a minimum of 50,000 hours opposed to 10,000 to 12,000 hours for CFLs) through their proprietary high-performance heatsinks for a virtually maintenance-free solution. Additionally, BeveLED 2.0 features a tool-less light engine for easy field replacement.

Bright Spot Ahead

USAI Lighting has made significant strides to break the boundaries of both LED and traditional light sources by marrying the best of both, resulting in solutions that change the game – and end-users’ perceptions – for a brighter future ahead.

“It is our mission to continue meeting industry demands by providing both cutting-edge products that unlock LEDs’ true capabilities and the guidance needed to accurately specify LED products that meet designers’ performance, color and optical goals for their projects,” said Littman.

A lighting industry leader, USAI® Lighting is helping to shine an entirely new light on the way commercial and residential properties address lighting design solutions. Driven by its IllumiVation® philosophy, USAI Lighting’s versatile yet robust selection of products fuses together brains and beauty, providing fresh and energy-saving solutions for general illumination and accent lighting. From compact fluorescents and metal halides to its new generation of LED solid state lighting technology, all USAI Lighting products maintain the smallest physical and carbon footprint possible while meeting the strictest standards for innovation and design to ensure seamless specification, simple installation and easy ongoing maintenance. USAI Lighting is also a proud member of EMerge Alliance to advance the mission of adopting safe DC power distribution in commercial buildings. For additional information about USAI Lighting and its high-performance offerings, visit www.usailighting.com or call 845-565-8500. Connect with USAI Lighting on Facebook and Twitter.


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