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Expansion Continues at Zero Waste Energy

May 10, 2012

LAFAYETTE, Calif., May 10, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –The forward-thinking ‘green technology’ firm, Zero Waste Energy – a global project developer that utilizes proven, patented Anaerobic Digestion (AD) technology and resource recovery processes to solve immediate problems for the global waste industry – augments its executive expertise with the hiring of industry leader, Jeff Draper, as Chief Financial Officer. As a CPA with a strong tax and financial analysis background, Mr. Draper is highly skilled in negotiating the complex and fast-changing terrain of today’s legislative, business, and accounting environments. His extensive industry contacts add additional strategic insight to the company’s executive echelon in all matters related to strategic business development. His skill-set is ideally suited to Zero Waste Energy’s goal of painlessly transitioning businesses, communities, and municipalities from traditional waste-stream management models into green technologies harvesting materials and energy. Mr. Draper was part of a team that built the company, USA Waste Services, culminating in the acquisition of Waste Management in 1998. He also was part of the development team at Greenstar North America, the largest privately held recycling company in the U.S.

In a recent statement, Eric Herbert, CEO of Zero Waste Energy, spoke about Mr. Draper’s role in the company glowingly:

“Jeff’s knowledge and experience in the solid waste industry make him a perfect fit with Zero Waste Energy’s strategic philosophy to transition our clients out of traditional waste-management practices and into proven cutting-edge green technologies. He understands the incentives, legislative initiatives, and innovative finance methods available to our clients to facilitate implementation of sustainable waste solutions. Jeff was in this field from its infancy, saw it take its first baby steps, and reach the stage it has now. There is no question that he has the tools our clients and partners need to understand the economic impact of Zero Waste Energy’s sustainable environmental solutions.”

Because California is the world’s eighth-largest economy and a leader in the adoption of green technologies and waste recovery in the United States, Zero Waste Energy now has a new global headquarters located in the San Francisco Bay Area city of Lafayette, California. The new office places Zero Waste Energy in close proximity to its San Jose Kompoferm® project while under development, as well as being centrally located between their U.S. and international clients. Moreover, SmartFerm® semi-mobile plants are also slated to first begin operation in California. The SmartFerm plants transform waste-streams into sustainable, revenue positive energy resources that will generate local jobs in the green technology sector of the future and dramatically reduce the negative impact of human activity on California’s sensitive ecologic zones and environment.

About Zero Waste Energy
Zero Waste Energy (ZWE) is a global project developer that utilizes proven, patented Anaerobic Digestion (AD) technology and resource recovery processes to solve immediate problems for the waste industry. ZWE specializes in executable technologies and real-world systems with practical applications. All of our solutions integrate seamlessly with existing urban footprints and infrastructure. In design, development, and operation, our projects are noted for superior engineering, operational effectiveness, sound economics, and reliable clean energy production.

Kompoferm® is a field constructed anaerobic digestion (AD) technology that renders solid organic waste into usable bi-products such as compressed natural gas (CNG) and electricity. Additionally, Kompoferm utilizes in-vessel composting (IVC) technology, to transform the bi-product into high-quality compost. The harvested energy and material revenue streams from an operating Kompoferm plant are mulitfold: recoverable commodities, soil amendments, renewable energy credits, as well as disposal cost avoidance.

SmartFerm® is a space-efficient, pre-fabricated, scaleable modular system capable of processing between 4,000 and 20,000 TPY that can be built in as little as four weeks. The latest technology features include a thermophilic process for increased gas production and pathogen reduction in the digesters, all in the same twenty-one day cycle. Zero Waste Energy’s design, development, and construction teams can help engineer any SmartFerm project for future phased expansion or relocation.

Zero Waste Energy understands that the world is a collection of ecosystems requiring balance. We work on the cutting-edge of science and technology to restore balance to ecosystems while enhancing human quality of life. We do this with a model that is both sustainable and economical.

For more detailed information on Zero Waste Energy’s technology, systems, and projects, visit: www.zwenergy.com

If you would like more information about this topic, or would like to schedule an interview with Mr. Herbert or Mr. Draper, please call Erica Ghiorso at (925) 297-0600 or email Erica at erica@zwenergy.com.

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