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UgMO Technologies Smart Irrigation System Now Eligible For Restricted Watering Day Variance From SWFWMD And SFWMD

May 17, 2012

KING OF PRUSSIA, Pa., May 17, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — On May 12th, 2012, UgMO Technologies’ wireless soil moisture sensor system became eligible for a variance from watering day restrictions from South West Florida Water Management District (SWFWMD). This decision comes only a month after UgMO became eligible for a watering variance from SFWMD. Variance eligibility is available to all those who reside in towns that do not have more stringent restrictions than SWFWMD. Residents and businesses can request an appointment to install UgMO and become eligible for a watering variance by following the steps outlined at www.ugmo.com/variance. The variance is valid year-round, provided it is installed according to the program developed with SWFWMD.(1)

Through a controlled study, UgMO Technologies, a Pennsylvania based company, originally demonstrated to SFWMD that irrigation systems using UgMO saved more water than 2-day-per-week watering restrictions.

In June of 2011, UgMO began its ongoing study, in Palm City, FL, to document that properties with the UgMO system, allowed to water any day of the week, would use less water and be healthier than properties on 2-day per week watering restrictions without UgMO.

After more than six months of data, UgMO controlled properties used 50% less water than those properties being watered on a 2-day per week schedule and the landscape was reported to be healthier.

UgMO was also installed on a third of the Palm Beach Atlantic University campus last summer. In just 6 months, PBAU reported that UgMO had saved them 4 million gallons of water and $20,000 in water cost.

In response to the increasing demand on water resources and infrastructure, Water Management officials have implementing watering day restrictions. Unfortunately, in many cases, this has not resulted in widespread water use reduction. In fact, analysis has shown that property owners often dramatically over-water on days that they are allowed to water.

UgMO wireless sensors are installed below the surface of the grass or landscaping in each irrigation zone and read the moisture level and temperature of the soil. They wirelessly transmit this data back to a base station that is attached to the existing irrigation clock and takes control of the irrigation system. UgMO always knows how much water is in the soil and it keeps the moisture in the optimal moisture zone for the particular soil type. UgMO independently waters zone-by-zone, so each area of the landscaping is controlled separately, allowing for instance, shadier areas to receive less moisture then an area in full sun, which inevitably dries out more quickly.

Visit www.UgMO.com for more information.

About UgMO Technologies: Headquartered in King of Prussia, Pa., UgMO Technologies is a national environmental technology solutions company that designs, manufactures and markets innovative, wireless soil sensor systems and software.

(1) Visit www.UgMO.com/variance for program details.

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