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DUNMORE High-Performance Thin Films Help First Private Rendezvous with Space Station

May 22, 2012

BRISTOL, Pa., May 22, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — DUNMORE Corporation multi-layer insulation (MLI) blankets and insulation tapes will protect vital components and wiring aboard the first private spacecraft to dock at the International Space Station, DUNMORE announced today.

Aerospace company SpaceX used DUNMORE high-performance thin films in its unmanned Dragon space capsule, which launched from Cape Canaveral today. DUNMORE MLI blankets protect exposed instruments and assemblies from the heat, cold and radiation of outer space. DUNMORE’s insulating tapes provide strong but lightweight protection for internal wiring to guard against failures and short circuits.

Dragon is a free-flying, reusable spacecraft that NASA selected to succeed the Space Shuttle as the International Space Station’s U.S. supply vehicle. It is the first commercial space vehicle supplying the space station. It was launched into low-Earth orbit by a Falcon 9 rocket. A series of tests will determine if Dragon is ready to berth at the space station and unload its cargo.

DUNMORE is a major supplier of high-performance films for aerospace industry production and operational applications. DUNMORE materials are at work on the Hubble Space Telescope, the International Space Station (ISS), and NASA’s Juno and GRAIL programs. DUNMORE is also supplying MLI materials to the Mars Science Laboratory Project.

“When you’re taking on a huge new task like SpaceX is with Dragon, you want as much of the tried and true on your side as possible. DUNMORE MLI films and insulation tape have been proven on demanding programs like the Space Shuttle. We’re looking forward to a long, productive run for Dragon as the International Space Station’s new supply vehicle,” said DUNMORE Vice President John Jordon.


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Source: PR Newswire