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Vanke and Evergrande Jointly Leads the Comprehensive Strength Ranking of Chinese Real Estate Enterprises Again

May 23, 2012

BEIJING, May 23, 2012 /PRNewswire-Asia/ — On May 22, China Real Estate Research Association, China Real Estate Industry Association and China Real Estate Assessment Center jointly released the 2012 Assessment Research Report on Chinese Listed Real Estate Enterprises and the 2010 Comprehensive Strength Ranking of the Top 100 Chinese Real Estate Enterprises. Vanke and Evergrande continued leading the Ranking; plus China Overseas and Poly ranking third and fourth respectively, the positions of the new “Four Heavenly Kings” in the domestic real estate industry are increasingly stable. An original report from Sina Leju follows:

The recent growth of the new “Four Heavenly Kings” is extremely strong. Take Evergrande for example. According to the data, in a short 6 years, Evergrande achieved the average increase in the key economic indicators by 46 times, with the increase in the sales volume by 38 times, the increase in the sales area by 29 times, and the increase in the business turnover by 49 times. Because of this, Evergrande ranked first on the sub-ranking of “Top 5 in Term of Development Speed”; by virtue of the annual sales performance of 80.39 billion yuan and the full-year cash balance of nearly 30 billion yuan in 2011, Evergrande also ranked first on the sub-ranking of “Top 5 in Term of Business Performance”, with many indicators exceeding or close to those of Vanke.

It’s worth mentioning that by virtue of the year-end total assets of 179 billion yuan, the full-year revenue of 61.9 billion and the year-on-year growth of 35.2% in 2011, Evergrande, ranking second on the comprehensive strength ranking of the listed real estate enterprises, also continued keeping the championship among the Mainland real estate enterprises with Hong Kong stocks since its listing.

As a leading enterprise in the Chinese real estate industry, by virtue of the forward-looking layout in the second- and third-tier cities, the high-cost-effectiveness products meeting the rigid demand, the marketing strategies conforming to the market policies and other outstanding advantages as well as the close-type collectivized management mode and the ultra-strong executive ability, Evergrande has overfulfilled the sales targets for three consecutive years since its listing, and kept the national championship in term of sales area for three consecutive years. In this assessment, Evergrande became the sole listed real estate enterprise ranking first on two sub-rankings, indicating that as the real estate enterprise covering the most provincial cities in China and having the largest area under construction, Evergrande’s operational efficiency, growth, scale and profitability have been fully recognized by the industry.

According to Deutsche Bank previously, at present, the estimated value of Evergrande stock is approaching the bottom of its trend, with the dividend yield ratio of 6.5%, so it is believed that the further downside is limited, and the “BUY” rate is maintained, with the target price of HKD 8.3 remaining unchanged. The Bank predicted that Evergrande’s strong contracted sales momentum in April could extend to May, and the contracted average sales price could also basically maintain the existing level.

SOURCE Sina Leju

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