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US Navy’s ‘Great Green Fleat’ Remains Armed with Algae, in Energy Digital

May 23, 2012

SAN DIEGO, May 23, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

The US Navy’s ‘Great Green Fleet’ initiative sets the bar high for the biofuels
industry in May’s issue of Energy Digital

This month, Energy Digital checks in on the US Navy’s ambitious initiative to deploy a
fleet of warships powered by alternative fuels by 2016. Touted as one of the most
effective moves to jumpstart the use of renewable energy in the US military and reduce its
dependence on fossil fuels, the Navy’s “Great Green Fleet” is expected to boost the
biofuels industry in the greater commercial market as well.

Along with the Air Force and Army, the Navy has tested and certified a number of ships
and warplanes as biofuel compatible to run on a drop-in blend of conventional oil and
green fuel that does not require engine modifications. With over $500 million invested in
the biofuels industry, the Navy hopes to cut its use of fossil fuels in half over the next

Signs of success are already surfacing. In November, in the largest alternative fuel
test in history, the Navy’s first biofuel-powered ship completed a trip along California’s
coast, running on a 50-50 mix of petroleum and algae-based fuel produced from Solazyme.
The fuel burned just like traditional fuel, using the same engines. Later, in March, the
Navy’s USS Ford sailed over 12,000 miles on the fuel from Washington to San Diego,
portraying similar results.

Other companies are working on a wide range of alternative fuel options in the
competition to win supplier bids with the DoD’s largest oil consumer. Besides San
Francisco-based Solazyme, Dynamic Fuels is also one of the biggest players in the program.
The Louisiana-based company sources its fuel from used cooking oil and non-food grade
animal fats.

Despite some backlash from Washington, the Navy continues to steadfastly pursue the
initiative, insisting that the nation rises above partisan politics in an effort to
strengthen the operations of its armed forces. It’s not about right vs left, the
environment vs big oil; it’s about giving our armed forces the tools they need to protect

“Alternative fuels for the Navy is not about being green, it’s about combat
capability,” said Goudreau at a recent conference in D.C.

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