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Transfer of the Port of Fortune will boost the local economy

May 24, 2012

FORTUNE, NL, May 24, 2012 /CNW/ – Norman Doyle, Senator for Newfoundland
and Labrador, today announced the transfer of the Port of Fortune to
the Harbour Authority of Fortune Inc. The transfer agreement includes a
contribution of $7 million from the Government of Canada, to be used
exclusively to cover operational costs and maintain the Port’s
infrastructure. Transport Canada’s Port Divestiture Program made the
transfer possible.

“This transfer has put control of the port directly into the hands of
the community, allowing the port to respond more effectively to the
needs of the people of Fortune, local business operators and port
users,” said Senator Doyle, on behalf of Denis Lebel, Minister of
Transport, Infrastructure and Communities. “Community based ownership
of this port will help generate economic growth, local jobs and
increased business activity in Fortune and throughout the Burin
Peninsula. The transfer will also save taxpayers’ money.”

The Port of Fortune is located on the southern end of the Burin
Peninsula on Newfoundland’s south coast. It is an international port,
the only Newfoundland and Labrador port that provides a regularly
scheduled ferry service to the French island of St. Pierre et Miquelon.

The transfer includes three commercial berths, a small marshalling yard,
approximately 35.7 hectares of waterlot or harbour bed, and a building
that is exclusively utilized by Canadian Border Services Agency for the
processing of passengers and goods proceeding to and from
Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon.  One of the three commercial berths is
primarily utilized in support of the fishing industry.

The Harbour Authority of Fortune Inc. is a not-for-profit local entity
with membership from local businesses and community stakeholders that
has been established to promote the development of the port.

“As the new owner and operator of the Port of Fortune, we are pleased
that we are now in a position to make decisions at a local level on the
best use of the port for the needs of the community and the region,”
said Earl Rose, President of the Harbour Authority of Fortune Inc. “We
can now make and encourage new investments that will strengthen our
economy and serve this community and the needs of its users.”

The Port Divestiture Program aims to transfer ownership and operation of
TC-owned ports to other federal departments, provincial/territorial
governments or local interests, including municipalities, which are
better positioned to operate these ports in a manner that is more
efficient and responsive to local needs.


SOURCE Transport Canada

Source: PR Newswire