B to B Weather Leader, Weather Trends International, Launches FREE Version of their Mobile Apps (wt360 Lite) for iPhone, Android and Kindle Fire

May 27, 2012

wt360 Lite is Poised to Become the New Ultimate Destination for Short- or Long-Term Weather Planning GLOBALLY

Bethlehem, PA (PRWEB) May 26, 2012

Weather Trends International (WTI), the global leader of actionable year-ahead business weather guidance for retailers and manufacturers, today announced the launch of their new year-ahead weather forecasting free mobile apps for consumers, wt360 Lite for iPhone, Android and Kindle Fire devices. The new apps allow consumers to get access to global weather forecasts up to one year in advance, an achievement which no other weather company or app can currently claim.

Presently, most weather sites and apps offer consumers a 1- to 10-day weather forecast, enough for short term weather planning. WeatherTrends360.com and the mobile apps utilizes WTI´s unique math-based statistical forecasting methodology that was previously only available to their clients such as Wal-Mart, Coca-Cola, Target and Johnson & Johnson, to determine weather-based financials and retail purchasing. However, now this information is freely available to consumers and small businesses alike to make weather planning easy for anyone. Consumers can now book vacations and timeshares, plan weddings, arrange golf and tennis dates, plan their best garden party days and more, months ahead without weather worries.

WeatherTrends360.com and the apps project high and low temperature, rainfall and snowfall trends up to a year ahead for more than 6.4 million locations in 195 countries with industry-leading 80%+ accuracy, as verified by an independent auditing firm. WTI has a 94% client retention rate over the past 10 years due to its accurate and reliable information. Additionally, the company has received 12 business and technology awards and in 2009 was listed as No. 5 on Forbes´ list of America´s Most Promising Companies out of 10,000 companies.

“Our company has relied on WTI´s information for several years and it has helped not only generate millions of dollars in additional sales, but also helps allocate our advertising for maximum impact,” said Paul Duval, Senior Vice President of Sales at Central Garden & Pet. “Weather Trends´ year-ahead information has been an indispensable part of our business plans with our largest customers due to its incredible accuracy.”

“As a former Vice President of Marketing at Kohl’s department stores, we hired Weather Trends to help make billion dollar marketing decisions because much of our sales success is driven by the impact of weather and we needed accurate long-range weather information. Having the advertising and marketing in sync with the weather helped us continue to have the right message in front of customers and stock the right amount of merchandise in the stores. Now as a small business owner in a weather dependent business, Winter Services Inc., Weather Trends allows me the ability to adjust my operations in advance of the upcoming season and I´ve saved more than $100,000 using their service,” said Fritz Frazier, President of Winter Services Inc.

Beyond year-ahead forecasts, WeatherTrends360.com is poised to become the ultimate weather destination by providing both long- and short-term (day-to-day) global forecasts with weather maps that are not available anywhere on the Web or mobile. Both feature monthly, daily and hourly forecasts; a customizable email alert system that delivers personalized weather information; a weather planner and 14 different global weather maps tracking various weather-related items including lightning, wave heights, UV indices and sunshine hours.

“We have been a trusted weather information provider to more than a hundred marquee companies for almost a decade and now we´re proud to introduce our free year-ahead weather mobile devices to the consumer market,” said Bill Kirk, Chief Executive Officer of Weather Trends International. “With the launch of the free mobile apps, we believe that consumers will wonder how they ever lived without knowing the long-term forecasts needed to plan our busy lives.”

In a world where weather events are making headlines almost daily, the need for accurate, year-ahead weather information is greater than ever, and WeatherTrends360.com and apps deliver.

About Weather Trends International

Weather Trends International (WTI) is the global leader of actionable year-ahead business weather guidance for retailers, manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, agricultural firms, financial analysts and consumers worldwide. The company´s business-to-business clients include some of the world´s most respected and successful companies such as Wal-Mart, Kohl´s, Target, AutoZone, Anheuser-Busch, Johnson & Johnson, Central Garden & Pet, Clorox, Energizer, 3M, JP Morgan and Hershey´s. Its business-centric weather solutions and understanding of how consumers respond to the weather is used throughout organizations to help “manage the weather risk.” Utilizing technology first developed in the early 1990s, WTI´s unique, statistical, math-based forecasting methodology projects temperature, precipitation and snowfall trends up to a year ahead world-wide with industry-leading 80%+ accuracy (as verified by an independent auditing firm). The company has received numerous business and technology awards and in 2009 was listed #5 on Forbes´ list of America´s Most Promising Companies. WTI is headquartered in Bethlehem, PA with offices in Bentonville, AR and Houston, TX. For more information, visit http://www.wxtrends.com or http://www.wt360.com.


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