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Jellyfish(R) Filter Receives NJDEP Final Certification at Higher Flow Rates

May 30, 2012

ROCKVILLE, MD, May 30, 2012 /PRNewswire/ – New Jersey Department of
Environmental Protection (NJDEP) has granted Final Certification to
Imbrium(®) Systems’ Jellyfish(®) Filter, based on rigorous field testing conducted according to the
Technology Acceptance and Reciprocity Partnership (TARP) protocol. The
NJDEP certification, as with the recent NJCAT verification, is based on
the Jellyfish Filter’s field test performance.  The innovative
membrane-based technology demonstrated removal of 89% of total
suspended solids (TSS) from stormwater at flow rates much higher than
is possible with conventional granular media-based filters.

“We’re excited about the NJDEP certification of our technology. This is
a big milestone for our company,” stated Joel Garbon, product manager
for Imbrium Systems. “The Jellyfish Filter continues to impress
regulatory agencies with its outstanding pollutant removal performance
at very high flow rates, which offers a high value, small-footprint
solution for the stormwater design community.”

Extensive third-party field testing has demonstrated 89% TSS removal at
a flow rate of 80 gpm per cartridge, which is vastly higher than the 10
– 20 gpm flow rating of other filter cartridges.

“The Jellyfish Filter also removes high levels of nutrients, metals,
oil, and gross pollutants. But most engineers who have examined the
Jellyfish are impressed by its high flow rate treatment, low driving
head requirement, and simple maintenance. Jellyfish is the only
stormwater filter with cartridges that can be easily backflushed or
rinsed and re-used. This is a big advancement, and ensures low-cost
maintenance and sustainability,” noted Garbon.

About Imbrium

Imbrium (www.imbriumsystems.com) is a stormwater treatment company that designs, develops, manufactures
and sells stormwater treatment solutions. Our products help protect
water resources from harmful pollutants. By developing technologies to
address the long-term impact of urban runoff, Imbrium ensures its
client projects are compliant with government water quality
regulations. Imbrium has a strong track record of environmental
innovation in the stormwater industry as the creator of: Stormceptor(®), Jellyfish(®) Filter, and Sorbtive(®) Media and Sorbtive(®) Filter.

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