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Golden Cutting & Sewing Supplies in Los Angeles stronger after spree of trade show visits

June 1, 2012

LOS ANGELES, June 1, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Golden Cutting & Sewing Supplies is feeling great after making fruitful appearances at the Home Machine Quilting Expo, the Seattle Textile Show, and the International Textile Show in Las Vegas earlier this year. These exhibitions allow companies to boast their new products and successes while selling valuable wares and meeting new clients. Even better, these trade shows keep companies on the cutting edge of industry innovations. A business representative gleans ideas from other companies, sees inspirational new techniques, or even takes a class offered by the organizers; these all allow the dissemination of ideas to show attendees. Plus, networking bridges the gap between industry peers, allowing participants to have more possibilities for future growth and collaboration. Golden Cutting & Sewing Supplies is ready to bring these freshly learned concepts and energy to their two Los Angeles locations and to their online store, GoldStarTool.com.

A big point of pride for Golden Cutting & Sewing Supplies at these expos was their free United States domestic shipping policy for anything in their online store. Because they were forming connections with out of state shoppers and sewing professionals, they knew that this policy gives them an edge over the competition. Golden Cutting & Sewing Supplies knows not everybody can pick up their sewing supplies in Los Angeles; this is just a nice touch that they believe customers will appreciate. They also have so much faith in their products that they can absorb the shipping cost because they know they won’t have to have anything shipped back.

Nestled in the Los Angeles fashion district for years, Golden Cutting & Sewing Supplies has been the go-to spot for hip fashionistas, crafty parents, and up and coming business owners. They keep a well-stocked inventory (over 300,000 items) to cover any and all customer requests. Their proprietary brands further allow them to meet the needs of their clientele by giving them flexibility and the ability to create customized sewing machine parts. In addition, by manufacturing a bunch of items in house, Golden Cutting & Sewing Supplies saves money and can charge their customers less. Their propriety brands include cutting, sewing, and grommet machines and parts and stand up to any other brand on the market.

This thoroughness has earned Golden Cutting & Sewing Supplies a sterling reputation in the Los Angeles metropolitan area. Because they offer custom parts, the company builds strong relationships with designers, manufacturers, and sellers of fabric and clothing. Then, little touches like warrantees and free repairs up to a year (customers only pay for parts), keep clients coming back time and time again. So, whether you need a tiny, hand-held fabric cutter or a heavy-duty swatch cutter, turn to Golden Cutting & Sewing Supplies for great, satisfying assistance.

Visit one of their stunning downtown Los Angeles stores or browse their online selection at www.goldstartool.com.

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