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The promise of cleaner and more abundant hydrocarbon energy through genomic research

June 4, 2012

OTTAWA, June 4, 2012 /CNW/ – Genome Alberta and the Public Policy Forum have released a joint policy paper titled Enhancing Energy Production and Environmental Outcomes through Genomics:
The case for innovation
, which outlines how the hydrocarbon energy sector in Canada can improve
production and be more environmentally friendly through genomic

In February of 2012, Genome Alberta and the Public Policy Forum convened
a day-long workshop in Calgary to explore the potential of genomics to
mitigate the environmental impact of oil and gas development in areas
such as tailings ponds, and the potential to enhance energy production
using genomic-based tools. The paper is the summary and recommendations
from the workshop which included leaders from research institutions,
industry, government and non-profit organizations.

“There is such great potential in this field,” noted Dr. David Bailey,
President and CEO of Genome Alberta. “Metagenomic research has already
begun to make contributions in dealing with key problems such as
corrosion of pipelines and tailings ponds emissions. But, we need to
seize the opportunity and build on this success.”

Genome Alberta is already funding research in the area through its
Hydrocarbon Metagenomics Project which is using the science of
metagenomics to uncover and analyze the genetic potential of organisms
in oil extraction and environmental remediation.

The policy paper suggests that, with appropriate leadership, this field
is poised to significantly advance energy innovation and serve as a
test model for a new, collaborative approach for innovation in Canada.
Genome Alberta and other partners have been identified as key leaders
in the drive to enhance policy in this area through partnerships with
business and universities.

“It is an exciting development,” said Public Policy Forum President and
CEO David Mitchell. “The opportunity to make such a strong contribution to achieving
Canada’s goals in energy, environmental protection, and innovation,
does not come along very often.”

To download a copy of the report please go to http://genomealberta.ca or http://www.ppforum.ca

About Genome Alberta

Genome Alberta is a publicly funded organization that initiates, funds,
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but lead projects around Alberta and participate in a variety of
projects across the country. Our goal is to create a strong and
sustainable Alberta life sciences sector able to compete across the
country and around the world. We are one of Canada’s six Genome Centres
and work closely with these centres to advance the science and
application of genomics, metabolomics, and many other related ‘omics’.

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