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Veteran Vehicles Still Have a Place on UK Roads

June 11, 2012

CHESTER, England, June 11, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

        - Volkswagen dominates the list of most insured older cars

Analysis by MoneySupermarket [http://www.moneysupemarket.com ] has identified the most
popular older cars on Britain’s roads, with Volkswagens topping the list of the pre-1996
vehicles which are still going strong today.

The analysis by the UK’s number one comparison website looked at 34 million enquiries
through MoneySupermarket’s car insurance channel in a 12 month period to the end of March
this year.

Veteran vehicles have survived the Labour Government introduced scrappage scheme for
cars over ten years of age in 2009, the analysis shows there are still hundreds of
thousands of ‘older’ cars on the road.

The Volkswagen Beetle, star of the 1960s ‘Love Bug’ films tops the list of pre-1980s
cars still on the road, with fiction meeting fact, as it seems, just like in the films,
these cars refuse to die. The German carmaker also tops the list of top 10 cars from the
eighties and pre-1996 – with the Volkswagen Golf being the most popular car.

          Top 10 Surviving     Top 10 Surviving     Top 10 Surviving early
          Pre-1980's cars        1980's cars        1990's cars (Pre 1996)
        1. Volkswagen Beetle 1. Volkswagen Golf   1. Volkswagen Golf
        2. MGB               2. Austin Rover Mini 2. Nissan Micra
        3. Austin Mini       3. Ford Escort       3. Vauxhall Corsa
        4. Land Rover 88     4. Land Rover 90     4. Vauxhall Astra
        5. Morris Minor      5. Ford Fiesta       5. Ford Fiesta
        6. MG Midget         6. Peugeot 205       6. Honda Civic
        7. Ford Escort       7. Ford Capri        7. Volkswagen Polo
        8. Triumph Spitfire  8. Volkswagen Polo   8. Peugeot 106
        9. Triumph Stag      9. Porsche 944       9. Ford Escort
        10. Triumph Herald   10. Ford Sierra      10. Land Rover Discovery

The analysis also looked at the most popular tax-free car on the road, those cars
registered before 1973, and therefore exempt from vehicle excise duty. The Volkswagen
Beetle was again the most popular car with 70 per cent of all ‘classic cars’ being this
model. Still popular was the British classic MG B which accounted for almost 20 per cent
of road tax exempt vehicles in the analysis.

Most Popular Tax Free Cars (Pre 1973)

70.30% VW Beetle < GBP5k

19.30% MG GBP5k-GBP13k

4.00% Triumph TR6 GBP13k-GBP21k

4.10% Jaguar E-Type GBP21k-GBP60k

2.20% Bugatti Type 101 GBP60k+

Peter Harrison, car insurance expert at MoneySupermarket
[http://www.moneysupemarket.com/car-insurance ], said: “Britons’ love affair with their
classic cars continues, and it seems that although the Government introduced a scrappage
scheme to take older cars off the road, many veteran vehicles are still going strong. The
Volkswagen Beetle, so popular in the seventies and eighties, continues to be the most
popular pre-1996 car on the road.

“Although owning an older car seems like a good way of keeping your motoring costs
down, insurance on these vehicles could be more expensive than newer models. Insurers
could see you as a greater risk driving an older model which comes without many of the
safety features in modern cars and is typically not as secure and therefore more easily
broken in to. Because these cars are classed as more risky it is vitally important to shop
around for your car insurance and make sure you are not paying over the odds for your

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