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Environmental Data Resources Announces New Historical City Directory Super Library

June 11, 2012

MILFORD, Conn., June 11, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Environmental Data Resources Inc. (EDR), the national provider of property-specific environmental information and risk management solutions, today announced a $3.2 million investment to enhance and expand its historical resources collections over the next three years. The first use of these funds is part of a project called EDR’s City Directory Super Library.

City directories are an important historical source used by environmental professionals to comply with ASTM E1527-05 Standard Practice for Phase I Environmental Site Assessments. By providing a record of changes in occupancy at property locations, city directories enable the evaluation of potential liabilities resulting from past activities.

EDR’s City Directory Super Library project is the first of its kind to aggregate city directory resources from across the nation into a single consolidated repository. It will provide EDR clients with unmatched years and geographic coverage to support comprehensive and accurate environmental due diligence efforts.

EDR’s first two investments includes the acquisition from Haines & Company of Haines’ entire collection of over 3,000 historical city directories, ranging from 1933-2012, and obtaining a license from Haines for future city directories produced by Haines. EDR has also signed an agreement with Cole Information Company which provides EDR with rights to their electronic database of over 2 billion records from 1992 to the present.

Adding these extensive archives from Haines and Cole to EDR’s already extensive in-house collections, EDR’s existing agreements with InfoUSA/Polk and EDR mobile research facilities will result in the most comprehensive city directory library in the nation.

According to EDR’s CEO Rob Barber, “These are exciting additions for EDR as they align with our commitment to provide our clients with the most comprehensive historical research collection for environmental due diligence. This effort began in 1996 when we acquired the Sanborn Map Company assets, giving our clients access to the only complete collection of Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps in the country.” In addition, Barber states, “EDR has also invested in ongoing aerial photo acquisitions, and we are pleased to share that our investments will continue for years to come.”

For more information on EDR’s city directory service, visit www.edrnet.com/citydirectories.

About EDR

Environmental Data Resources (EDR) is the industry leader in property-specific environmental information and risk management solutions. For more than 20 years, EDR has been building and updating the world’s most comprehensive database of environmental records and land use information from thousands of federal, state, tribal, local and private sources. Called NEDIS(TM) (the National Environmental Data Information System), this database has more than 3.1 billion records and proprietary data sets–including the treasured historic Sanborn Maps–that are blended into one comprehensive interface. EDR sets the standard for providing the tools, technology, information and professional staff to serve environmental consultants, lenders, corporations, insurers, real estate investors and consumers across the country. Founded in 1990 and based in Milford, Conn., EDR has regional offices located throughout the U.S. The company is wholly owned by DMG Information Inc., the business information division of Daily Mail and General Trust, plc (DMGT). For more information about EDR, please visit www.edrnet.com.

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