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MFPC Releases Trends Report on Michigan’s Forests

June 14, 2012

LANSING, Mich., June 14, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — The Michigan Forest Products Council (MFPC) released a report today on trends in Michigan’s forests. Analysis for the report was performed by Mike Vasievich, of Tessa Systems, LLC and an associate professor at Michigan State University. The report provides key points regarding Michigan forests, including their success and sustainability.

The report found that forests in Michigan are actually increasing in abundance. “While forest health may be an emerging issue, the fact that forests are growing in Michigan is great news,” said Scott Robbins, MFPC Forest Policy Director. As of 2007, Michigan was ranked seventh in the nation in terms of timberland. Forestland is up almost 9% since 1980, exceeding 20 million acres, and timberland makes up 97% of that forestland. The volume of timberland in Michigan is increasing, as well. Since 1980, stock timber on timberland has increased by 47%.

“I am very pleased to see that Michigan forests are growing at a rate of 2.4% every year,” said Michel Sussman, Chairperson of the MFPC Board of Directors. “The forestry industry in Michigan is incredibly sustainable, our timber removals are less than half of our timber growth. Each year, we are adding 358 million cubic feet of excess growth.”

You can find the Report on Trends in Michigan’s Forests, along with other facts regarding Michigan’s forests and forestry industry at the Michigan Forest Products Council (www.michiganforest.com; www.sfimi.org) websites.

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