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Casting Call at the Capitol

June 14, 2012

SAN FRANCISCO, June 15, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — California Trout and Trout Unlimited, announce the annual Casting Call at the Capitol, a celebration of California’s unique trout, steelhead and salmon populations, to be held on the State Capitol grounds on Tuesday, June 19, 2012. In its 3rd year, the event will feature fly casting demonstrations, fly casting practice, and a friendly bi-partisan fly casting competition between legislators, including Assemblyman Jared Huffman (D), Senator Tom Harman (R), Assemblyman Wes Chesbro (D), Assemblywoman Alyson Huber (D), Senator Bob Huff (R), Senator Tom Berryhill, (R), and Assemblyman Martin Garrick (R).

“We are holding this Casting Call event to raise awareness in the Capitol for declining stocks of trout, steelhead and salmon,” said Curtis Knight, Conservation Director for California Trout.

California has an incredible diversity of trout, steelhead and salmon exceeded only by Alaska. California is the southern end of the range of all ocean going trout and salmon species and home to a vast array of inland native trout.

“The sobering fact is if present trends continue, 65% of California’s trout, steelhead and salmon will be gone within the next 100 years, and maybe sooner,” noted Brian Johnson, State Director for Trout Unlimited. “To counteract this trend we seek collaborative and durable solutions to complex fish and water issues.”

The challenges to protecting and restoring California’s native trout and salmon are great, but doing nothing is not an option. For more than 100 years anglers have driven important conservation initiatives, and now, we call on our fellow conservationists and legislators to take up this cause. Together we can achieve solutions that are good for fish, good for people, and good for the environment and our economy.

About California Trout:

California Trout (Cal Trout) is a statewide conservation organization whose purpose is to protect and restore California’s wild trout, steelhead, and salmon and their waters. Cal Trout is headquartered in San Francisco, and maintains field offices in Mt. Shasta, Arcata, Mammoth Lakes, the Tahoe region, and southern California. Founded in 1971, Cal is staffed by leading fish experts and scientists, has over 7,000 members, and is affiliated with fifty local fishing clubs that represent another 10,000 anglers. Cal Trout has built an organizational structure with a strong scientific component to pursue cold-water fish conservation in California.

About Trout Unlimited:

Trout Unlimited (TU), is a national organization with over 140,000 members nationwide, including over 10,000 in California, whose mission is to conserve, protect, and restore North America’s trout and salmon fisheries and their watersheds. It is the oldest and largest such organization in the United States. TU directs work in California out of an office in Berkeley, and through field offices in Fort Bragg, the Central Coast, and Truckee. TU has an active grassroots network in California that accomplishes restoration projects throughout the state.

For more information, visit www.caltrout.org and www.tu.org

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