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Portugal is the place to be

June 19, 2012

LONDON, June 19, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

The weather outside is frightful (rain, rain go away!) which means that now more than
ever, the UK has holiday on the brain.

When it comes to booking, everyone knows the buck (or pound) doesn’t stop there. You
need the clothes to go with the getaway, which is why Monarch’s collaboration with Matalan
is great news – giving Matalan Reward Card customers the chance to win a pair of flights
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Monarch [http://www.monarch.co.uk ] just for swiping their card. But, how do you
choose a destination? Easy – a Portugal holiday with Monarch
[http://www.monarch.co.uk/portugal/holidays ]. Why? Read on.

Bet on the Weather

There’s simply nothing worse than planning (and paying for) a holiday only to show up
and be forced inside by unpredictable weather. But Portugal is a done deal when it comes
to climate. Thanks to its location, the country enjoys temperate weather year-round and in
summer time it’s pretty much perfection with an average of about 27degree(s)C, and the
ocean breeze always offers relief so it’s never too hot to handle.

Unbeatable Value

Everyone loves a holiday but returning in the red is never fun, nor is penny-pinching
all year to be able to enjoy yourself once you get there. With Portugal this isn’t a
problem. Food, drink and accommodations in Portugal are a fraction of what they would cost
in the UK – and you don’t have to worry about sacrificing quality. Walk into any
Portuguese restaurant and it’s pretty much a guarantee the house white wine will match, if
not top, its pricier counterpart here at home. Not to mention the tasty nibbles that come
free with every meal like delicious local cheeses and fresh-baked Portuguese bread. Who
said man could not exist on bread and wine alone? We most definitely could.

Outstanding attractions

Of course, what’s the point of going on holiday to a place where there’s nothing to
do? Good thing you’re in Portugal. From sipping some of that great house wine (ideally a
Portuguese vinho verde (green wine), the Portuguese answer to a super fresh white wine) -
or Port if you really want to go native – in one of the chic bars around Rua do Prior in
Faro, strolling through the terraced vineyards of the Douro Valley, lounging on Praia Dona
Ana beach in the Algarve or taking in a football match at the Stadium of Light, Portugal
has entertainment for every traveler.

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