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Wastren Advantage (WAI) Buys and Expands Innovative Geo-Tech Plastics Recycling Business

June 19, 2012

PIKETON, Ohio, June 19, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Building on its fast-growing portfolio of waste management and recycling services, Wastren Advantage, Inc. (WAI) (www.wastrenadvantage.com) today announced its acquisition of Geo-Tech Polymers, LLC. (www.geo-tech.com), a Westerville, Ohio based plastics recycling firm holding an exclusive patented process that dramatically increases the value and range of uses for plastic products from postindustrial and post-consumer waste streams, notably automotive plastics that typically remain in landfills.

Recently ranked by Inc. magazine as one of the 100 fastest growing private small business companies in the nation, WAI, a provider of waste management, environmental remediation and facilities operations services to private and government clients, has been strategically diversifying its products and services to meet the growing need for innovative and cost-effective ways to add value and lower costs for its customers.

Unlike other methods of plastics recycling, which often result in a lower grade recycled plastic product not suitable for some applications, the Geo-Tech process – initially developed under contracts with the U.S. Departments of Defense and Energy – does not use chemicals that can degrade the recycled plastic. This exclusive process results in a product that can be used in high-end applications, such as automotive parts, and does not create environmental problems associated with the chemicals used in other methods.

The Geo-Tech process also saves significant energy and water and lowers carbon emissions.

Geo-Tech’s industry clients include tier one and tier two automobile parts suppliers, CD/DVD recyclers, post-consumer electronic waste recyclers, food container packaging suppliers, and various other commercial clients that use high value polymers in their operations.

WAI will expand Geo-Tech’s production at a facility in Waverly, Ohio operated by Hadsell Chemical Processing near its Piketon headquarters. The goal is to significantly expand production and logistical capacity to better serve customers in the automotive, consumer products, packaging and other industries. The move will create 50 new jobs by adding at least two more production lines to the process in Southern Ohio’s Pike County which typically has the highest unemployment rate in the State.

Doug Collins, newly appointed president of Geo-Tech and director of the project management office for WAI characterized the business opportunity this way: “We see tremendous opportunity in the Geo-Tech process, especially as part of the automotive supply chain. We can reduce cost and weight in cars and trucks while meeting all government and OEM standards. With this acquisition, move and expansion we can meet that opportunity. We welcome Geo-Tech and its professionals to the WAI team and look forward to expanding our operations and creating much needed jobs here in Southern Ohio.”

“We are really excited about joining the WAI team and expanding our business services to our clients. We will continue to provide our clients with outstanding and exceptional services as we expand our operations and bring new facilities online,” said Doug Gels of Geo-Tech. In addition to continuing to be General Manager of Geo-Tech, Gels will also be a Project Manager taking the lead on both the production process and product marketing.

WAI operates out of eight regional offices, providing a wide range of waste management, environmental services, decontamination and decommissioning, and facility management and operations to commercial and federal clients, including the Department of Energy (DOE) facilities; Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant (GDP), Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant, Idaho National Laboratory (INL), Hanford Site, Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL), Nevada Test Site (NTS), and Rocky Flats Environmental Technology Site (RFETS).

Over the past 20 years, WAI has served as a prime contractor to the Department of Energy, Department of Defense, Department of Agriculture, Department of Homeland Security, the Houston METRO Rapid Transit System, and numerous commercial clients. The Company achieves its clients’ goals through a disciplined project management approach focused on safe, compliant, and cost effective project delivery.

WAI’s production partner, Hadsell Chemical Processing (www.hadsellchemical.com) provides turn-key compounding, toll manufacturing, and private label packaging and bottling services for companies around the globe. The company provides a cost effective production facility for multinational companies to manufacture their chemical compounds. Hadsell Chemical Processing will provide the location for the Geo-Tech expansion in part of its Waverly facility.

Geo-Tech Fact Sheet

    Who are we?
              Geo-Tech Polymers is a plastic
              recycling company that specializes
              in maximizing the value of plastics
              products from post industrial and
              post consumer waste streams.

    What markets do we serve?
              Geo-Tech's current business
              operations support the automotive
              and plastics industries in Ohio and
              neighboring states.

    What makes Geo-Tech unique?
              Our innovative, environmentally
              friendly and cost-effective
              processing technologies maximize
              value from waste plastics by
              removing coatings, inks, and other
              materials, allowing our recycled
              products to be used back into their
              initial (or other high value)

    How do we create cost savings?
              Geo-Tech's processing services
              reduce landfill costs and generate a
              100% recycled plastic that can be
              used as a direct replacement to
              prime resin at a 50 to 70% savings.

    Why are we important?
              We support industries that are
              essential to the U.S. economy -
              plastics and automotive.
              We save money, energy and have a
              positive impact on the environment.

    How are we saving the environment?
              Our environmentally friendly
              processing technologies keep waste
              plastics from landfill.  Recycling
              one ton of plastics saves 685
              gallons (16 barrels) of oil,
              conserves 48,000 gallons of water,
              prevents 7500 pounds in carbon
              dioxide emissions, and saves 810
              ft.(3) in landfill.
              For example, Geo-Tech recycled 6.4
              million pounds of plastic in 2007,
              saving 52,000 barrels of oil,
              conserving 153 million gallons of
              water, preventing 24 million pounds
              of carbon dioxide emissions, and
              saving 2.6 million ft.(3) of
              landfill space.

    How much energy do we save?
              It takes 90% less energy to recycle
              plastic as it does to make it.  This
              represents a net savings of 14
              barrels of oil per ton of recycled
              plastic.  A barrel of oil is
              equivalent to 5.8 million BTUs of
              energy. Using the same example, in
              2007, Geo-Tech conserved 267
              billion BTUs of energy or 78 million
              kWh of electricity (over 10,000 tons
              of coal).
              Relative to alternative energy
              projects like wind power, the energy
              conserved by Geo-Tech in 2007 was
              equivalent to installing twenty-
              five 1.8 MW wind turbines.
              Investing in companies that reduce
              our dependence on foreign oil and
              conserve energy is just as important
              as investing in companies that make
              clean energy.
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