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Aimer Lingerie Slips onto the World Stage

June 25, 2012

BEIJING, June 25, 2012 /PRNewswire-Asia/ — Founded in 1993, Aimer has ever since been dedicatedly supplying high-quality lingerie to urban women. Supported by professional design, exquisite craftwork and innovative ideas, Aimer Lingerie has created an abundance of both gorgeous and multifunctional fashion lingerie to meet the demands of its customers. For the last 19 years, Aimer’s lingerie has enabled urban woman to enhance their elegance and confidence. During that same time, Aimer has proudly become the only international lingerie brand in China, after overcoming competitive challenges by centuries-old Wacoal and Triumph.

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As a flagship brand in China’s lingerie industry, Aimer cherishes several elements which it infuses into all its products: “Exquisiteness, Elegance, Confidence”. In 1999, Aimer founded its “Aimer Human Engineering Research Center” with the Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology. The research center has developed a database with data on more than one million oriental women’s body shapes, and has therefore assisted Aimer in developing lingerie design principles tailored to oriental women.

Aimer‘s creative design department can develop more than 400 new products every year, all of which showcase originality and innovation fused together with new high-quality materials. Expertly combining Eastern and Western culture and design elements, Aimer is able to provide unique and functional fashion underwear to its valued customers.

In April 2012, Aimer announced that its first Hong Kong flagship store would open on Park Lane Shopper’s Boulevard, Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui. Aimer recognizes this development as an important step following expansions in Singapore, Malaysia and Macau.

According to Aimer’s General Manager of International Business, Sabrina Sun Wei: “Getting foreign consumers to adopt Chinese brands is a challenging long-term process. This year, the group decided to utilize the international status of Hong Kong to promote our brand to the world. Hong Kong is a free market, and has a developed legal system and strong infrastructure. It is not only a melting pot of fashion, but is truly the essence of Eastern and Western culture. We regard it as an ideal platform for our development.”

Ms Sun suggests the group also has plans to use its Hong Kong franchise to expand in Southeast Asian markets such as Vietnam, Cambodia, and Indonesia. Additionally, Hong Kong serves as an excellent choice to develop an R&D centre to create products suited to an overseas market.

Over the last three years, Aimer has expanded to enjoy 14 overseas branches. In 2012, Aimer will continue to expand its Asia-Pacific presence. In June, Aimer built its international e-commerce platform- the Aimer International Online Shopping Site (www.aimeronline.com). The company expects the site to help in the acceleration of the brand’s internationalization, which will serve to allow global consumers to enjoy high-grade quality and functionality of Aimer’s exquisite lingerie products.

For more information, please visit: http://www.aimeronline.com

About Aimer Group

Founded in 1993, Aimer Group is a leading brand in China’s lingerie market, creating mid to high-end lingerie products dedicated to women aged between 25 and 40. The brand is fast gaining international recognition as a leader in intimate wear for the modern woman. The company focuses on ensuring its creations are “exquisite, elegant and confident”. The group’s creative team designs more than 400 new products every year by using new high quality materials- ensuring each piece’s original and innovative features are highlighted. Combining Eastern and Western culture and design concepts, the group provides its customers with high quality and unique underwear that enjoys both fashion and function. Aimer Group’s main brands include Aimer, Aimer Men, and Aimer Kids. The full range of products includes lingerie, shape wear, sleepwear, homewear, swimwear, thermal wear, sports wear and accessories.

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