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Corbett Administration, Labor and Business Representatives Highlight Potential for 10,000 Jobs from Building Petrochemical Industry in PA

June 26, 2012

PHILADELPHIA, June 26, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Members of Gov. Tom Corbett’s Cabinet were joined by a coalition of supporters today to discuss the importance of bringing a petrochemical complex to Pennsylvania that would create 10,000 jobs in spinoff production and manufacturing industries while producing statewide economic benefits.

“The benefits of employing more than 10,000 Pennsylvanians and lowering the raw materials cost for all Pennsylvania manufacturers far outweigh the investment,” Department of Community and Economic Development Secretary C. Alan Walker said. “This is not about politics; it’s about jobs. It’s about building an industry that will grow manufacturing and create jobs for generations to come.”

A petrochemical complex would include an ethane cracker that would process ethane from “wet” Marcellus natural gas to produce ethylene, one of the primary building blocks for petrochemicals. Ethylene is used for a number of chemical derivatives that are used to produce various products, including food packaging, bottles, house siding, pipes, toys, tires, diapers, footwear, detergent, adhesives and other products.

“The construction phase alone will require more than 10,000 skilled workers,” said Secretary of Labor and Industry Julia Hearthway. “This means thousands of good-paying jobs for laborers, engineers, plumbers, boilermakers, pipelayers, and electrical power line installers.”

According to the American Chemistry Council, the construction of an ethylene production complex in Pennsylvania will lead to at least 10,000 construction jobs, 400 direct plant jobs, and approximately 17,000 jobs in associated industries that will emerge to support and take advantage of this plant’s operations.

Pennsylvania, led by Corbett, beat out tough competition from surrounding states to become the primary choice location for this project. This plant will be the first in the northeastern U.S. and will, in order to be successful, require substantial additional investments made by dozens of new manufacturers.

“The potential return on investment is significant,” Department of Revenue Secretary Dan Meuser said. “The tax credit would pay for itself with job creation and business activity that generates new taxes. Additional revenue will be generated from growth in service industries, hotels, retail stores, and housing.”

Media contacts:
Steve Kratz, DCED; 717-571-0197
Sara Goulet, Labor & Industry; 717-787-7530
Elizabeth Brassell, Revenue; 717-787-6960

Editor’s Note: The following individuals participated in today’s event:
Rick Bloomingdale, President, PA AFL-CIO
Frank Sirianni, President, PA Building and Construction Trades Council
Rob Wonderling, President/CEO, Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce
Ryan Boyer, Business Manager, The Laborers District Council of Philadelphia & Vicinity
Fred Anton, President & CEO, PA Manufacturers Association
John DeFazio, District Director, United Steelworkers International Union

Representatives of the following groups were in attendance today to show their support:

Metropolitan Regional Council of Carpenters of Philadelphia & Vicinity-
Philadelphia Area Labor Management Committee
Philadelphia AFL-CIO
Steamfitters Local 420
Southeast Metal Manufacturers
PA Chamber of Commerce
PA Business Council
National Federation of Independent Business
Braskem American

SOURCE Pennsylvania Department of Community & Economic Development

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