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U.S. Navy Gives StormWind and Team ABL Exclusive Contract for Revamped Recruiter Training; New Classroom Instruction to be augmented by HD, Movie-Like Online Simulations

June 28, 2012

PHOENIX, June 28, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — StormWind, an online IT and custom training company, has won an exclusive, five-year contract with the U.S. Navy to co-develop next-generation training for Navy recruiters. The HD live and online training will augment the new classroom training being developed by Team ABL to replace the format that’s been in use for 14 years by the Navy. StormWind emerged publically in the corporate training space earlier this year, after quietly building a portfolio of major enterprise brands and raising $4 million in capital by GSV Capital Corp. This contract with the U.S. Navy signifies the validity of StormWind’s new approach to eLearning that is redefining the industry.

“The U.S. Navy had been using the same style of eLearning with the same provider for well over a decade. People have changed, technology has changed, the Navy has changed. It was time for recruiter training to keep up,” said Tom Graunke, CEO and co-founder of StormWind. “The training programs we’ve developed in conjunction with our partners at Team ABL for the Navy are a lot more like Hollywood movie trailers and immersive, gaming-simulations than simple learning modules. Recruiters get excited and engaged within the first minute of watching, and this means far better knowledge retention.”

“We are thrilled to have StormWind join our formidable partnership we’ve put together here at Team ABL,” commented Tom Jenkins, managing principal at Team ABL. “We were impressed by their innovative video and gaming experience as well as their progressive vision of how students really learn in the 21st century. They join our goal of reimagining the training programs our Navy utilizes to make them far more engaging than the current classroom training alone, and yields a higher retention rate of knowledge. Several thousand Navy recruiters throughout the U.S. will go through the courses.”

Added Jenkins, “The United States Navy is the best Navy in the world. To help maintain that distinction, the Navy emphasized to us that we need the best-trained sailors in our fleets. To get the most qualified young men and women, they need the best recruiting staff in the armed forces. Our partnership with StormWind helps lead the way with new, effective, and innovative methods of training for years to come.”

About StormWind
StormWind is a Phoenix, AZ based company that brings live, interactive, HD video production to the world of eLearning. Using their proprietary technology, StormWind delivers interactive training that creates a truly personal and engaging classroom experience to achieve real knowledge transfer. StormWind uses cutting edge technology to provide custom HD online video training for enterprise clients for sales training, channel marketing and employee education. For more information, go to www.stormwind.com.

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