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Federal Government Closes Firearms Loophole

July 4, 2012

Regulation prevents collection of data for backdoor registry

PETERBOROUGH, ON, July 4, 2012 /PRNewswire/ – Once again, the Harper government
has demonstrated its support for the legal, law abiding firearms
community by enacting a regulation that eliminates the need for
retailers to collect specific data as a condition of their licence, as
mandated in Ontario and other jurisdictions by the Chief Firearms

“The OFAH applauds the move by the government to close an
obvious loophole in the Firearms Act that is being used to force lawful businesses to collect data that
could be used to build another form of long gun registry,” said Greg
Farrant, OFAH Manager of Government Affairs & Policy. “The actions of
some CFOs violated the spirit and intent of Bill C-19 that ended the
badly flawed long gun registry and left open the possibility of
provincial registries being created using the information collected.
Despite an attempt by the government to resolve this issue without
resorting to the introduction of a new regulation, it became necessary
to do so when the cooperative approach failed to resolve the matter.”

The passage of the regulation will in no way hamper retailers from
keeping their own records for the purposes of inventory and warranty,
but eliminates the need for them to do so in order to continue
operating their business. The passage of Bill C-19 and scrapping of the
registry means that information contained in the ledgers previously
kept by retailers should be destroyed, along with the records in the
national registry maintained by the Canadian Firearms Centre.

“To require retailers to continue to keep this information is contrary
to the Act. The destruction of the long gun registry clearly involves all records, not just those held by the federal government.  The failure to
do so in a timely manner not only contravenes the legislation and the
will of Parliament, but leaves the door open for the resurrection of
another registry in the future. This is unacceptable, and we strongly
support the government’s move to resolve this in a timely fashion by
passing a regulation that provides certainty,” added Farrant.

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SOURCE Ontario Federation of Anglers & Hunters

Source: PR Newswire