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Invest in Silver While it’s Cheap: Silver Could Soar to New Highs, says Smith McKenna LLC

July 15, 2012

HOLLYWOOD, Fla., July 16, 2012 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — Analysts and politicians would lead you to believe that our economic outlook is still souring, however they aren’t telling the whole story because of their own agendas. The global economic outlook is actually positive, with manufacturing steadily on the rise, unemployment down and the crisis in Europe will undoubtedly experience easing through stimulus efforts.

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Add that to the fact that the value ratio of gold to silver is completely out of whack right now, and you have a winning recipe for silver to respond bullishly, and a potential wealth creation for investors of the precious metals market.

Stephen M Smith who is the managing member at Smith McKenna has been accurately predicting macroeconomic trends and following the precious metals market for over two decades. Smith firmly believes that silver is going to emerge as the leader in the next few years, potentially making a lot of people very wealthy; and is offering a FREE investment guide to educate the public on how to invest in silver. http://www.smithmckenna.com/investment-guide

The guide is only going to be offered to a limited number of people, and contains years of crucial investing knowledge in just a couple of hours worth of reading; something that is seldom offered for free. “Those who invest in silver now will be able to reap higher potential gains with the future outlook on the price of silver, compared to those who invest in the metal when it’s at the traditional value ratio to gold,” said Smith.

Smith McKenna is a USA based dealer and broker of precious metals and offers thecheapest yet most secure investment; with no commission brokers, free insurance, and a miniscule 0.1% storage fee in licensed third party depositories. Their business model passes on drastically higher potential profit margins to investors compared to other companies.

It’s the perfect time to invest in silver. Mostly because its current mid $20s spot price is attractively affordable for first time investors, creating low barriers to entry and risk, but also because if we can count on history repeating itself like it always does, silver will close the roughly 58 to 1 ratio gap to gold, being underpriced, to a more common and predictable say 30 to 1. The key however is to own the physical asset, rather than derivatives, futures and ETF’s.

Most people put off learning how to invest in silver and other precious metals due to fear or uncertainty, but really they should be a part of anyone’s investment portfolio because of diversification, investment quality, and as a hedge against inflation. Commodities are not infinite in supply, and silver is largely tied to its industrial demand and applications.

Silver is a necessity metal and is used in all kinds of electronic, pharma, and solar panel production. Above ground supply of silver is limited, only up just over 1% last year according to The Silver Institute, and with global production of these products not slowing down it’s likely going to create scarcity; driving the price of silver due north.

When we add the large value ratio gap to gold, the industrial demand, limited supply, and global economic outlook; silver could easily reach $50/oz by the end of 2012 and future benchmarks of $100/oz are a very real possibility over the next few years.

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