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Thanks to Fire Sprinklers, One Less Worry When You Travel

July 18, 2012

LOS ANGELES, July 18, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Summer is regarded as the best season for a vacation in America. Perhaps it retains that reputation from when we were children and we had a nice respite from school. On the other hand, it could just simply be that many places are more pleasant to visit when they’re warm. Whatever the reason, we will most likely be leaving our humble abodes for a fair amount of time for some summertime traveling. Before leaving, vacationers plan for their pets and for the security of their homes. Similarly, more and more homeowners are protecting their homes from fires through the use of home sprinkler systems. George Saadian and the team at Fire Protection Group, Inc. offer incredibly affordable residential sprinkler systems that will protect your family’s home even when you’re away.

Fire sprinkler systems are a great investment for any home or residential space. Fire Protection Group, Inc. can install a residential sprinkler system that’s easily affordable, whether or not you’re building a new space or simply making an old one safer. These sprinklers only target the areas that are on fire, isolating the blaze and preventing water unnecessary damage–not the whole system like seen on TV and the movies. A fire can oftentimes be suppressed even before the arrival of a fire company. Plus, fire protection systems connect to the same water supply as your plumbing system, so it can be simple to install. They are typically designed to be low-maintenance, too, so you won’t be breaking the bank keeping up your system. Mr. Saadian and Fire Protection Group, Inc. can work with you to detail the cost and maintenance schedule of their expansive fire protection services. They can also outfit your residential space with standpipe systems, fire alarms, emergency lights, backup generators, fire escape assemblies, and much more.

If you happen to have a fire system mounted already, then it’s very effortless to make sure your home is protected whilst you travel. As long as your water main remains on, your sprinklers should have the water available to counteract any fires. The main can even be tested before you leave for extra peace of mind. A respectable fire alarm, like those installed by Fire Protection Group, Inc., can also notify any authorities to an emergency in your absence. Having a neighbor or friend check in on your space regularly wouldn’t hurt, as well. Many fire safety advocates recommend disconnecting stoves and electrical appliances as a preventative measure.

Finally, it’s important to make sure your fire systems have been well-maintained. Checking your smoke alarms is easy and can be helpful if you have close neighbors or if they alert the fire company. Also, making certain that your sprinklers haven’t been improperly handled (for example, hanging things from them or painting them) means that they should be in good shape. If you’re truly worried about the standing of your fire sprinkler system, then Fire Protection Group, Inc. can perform an inspection. In certain cases, this testing could even be free or covered by your original installation costs. Go to www.firesprinkler.com for more information.

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