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Businesses Worried About the Increase in Energy Bills

July 26, 2012

PRESTON, England, July 26, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

Many businesses are concerned that they are spending too much money on their energy
bills, according to a recent study.

The findings, conducted by OnePoll have revealed that UK firms are worried about the
financial impact energy bills are having on their overall expenditure.

With the rise in energy prices, it’s even more important that businesses are
accounting for these costings by ensuring that measures are taken to reduce energy bills.

The survey questioned over 500 businesses across the UK and discovered that although
51% of business owners are worried about this, less than 20% had the management in place
to monitor these energy costs.

Many companies turned to their office manager, security or reception staff to monitor
this, but experts are claiming that a financial team is needed to monitor and track all
electricity usage to ensure that the maximum amount of energy is saved.

Julian Morgan, Managing Director of the Energy Advice Line, said, “With energy now a
significant item of operational expenditure, firms needed to treat electricity and gas
like any other essential business supply,” as reported online at egovmonitor.com.

This highlights that businesses need to make energy saving a priority as making a few
simple adjustments could help businesses to save a significant amount. Large scale
businesses that own more than one office block are likely to save huge amounts per year if
this problem is solved.

In the same way that homeowners hunt around for the best price comparison on their gas
and electricity, it is important for businesses to check the prices that competitors are
offering as some companies may be able to offer a substantial discount.

Comparing prices across the market and assigning a manager to monitor your companies
energy efficiency will not only help you save but will ensure that you are getting the
best value for money.

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