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Arrowstar Exploration Program on Roberts Lake, Quebec Identifies Three Large Outcrops showing Iron Ore Mineralization

July 27, 2012


        --  Three large magnetite outcrops, the largest measuring 500
            metres by 600metres were identified in the west of the 128
            claims located about 40km northwest of  Kangirsuk and 1,647
            kilometres north of Montreal, Quebec.
        --  25 samples were taken and values  were recorded on the
            "Magnetite" Scale of a KT-10 Plus magnetitic susceptibility
        --  The samples will be assayed and a ground based magnetic survey
            planned as follow up.


VANCOUVER, July 27, 2012 /PRNewswire/ – Robert L. Card, President of Arrowstar
Resources Ltd., (“Arrowstar” or the “Company”) (TSXV: AWS), is pleased
to report that Phillip Thomas, Vice -President Exploration and Director
visited the property on 14 June 2012 and was able to locate three large
outcrops of shallow dipping granodiorites, and carbonates containing
magnetite and hematite. The chert-magnetite-hematite iron formation
contains specularite an altered magnetite mineral.

Significant outcrop and float is exposed on the surface with no trees
and very little overburden.  There are numerous small lakes in the

The general stratigraphic sequence observed is composed of an Archean
age granite gneiss basement; unconformably overlying the granite gneiss
is a succession of meta-sedimentary rocks. Immediately overlying the
granite gneiss in some areas is quartzite of the Ford Lake Formation.
The quartzite contains surface expressions of magnetite and lenses or
pods of mica schist. The quartzite grades upward into the Sokoman Iron
Formation. The iron formation may be further subdivided based on
variations in magnetite, hematite, carbonate and iron silicates. A
conspicuous spotted iron silicate-carbonate-quartz bed that caps the
iron formation was identified at site two. Micaceous schist and slate
that are intruded by gabbro sills overlie the Sokoman iron formation.
This was identified as outcrop and float predominately in outcrop

Strong folding has resulted in a structural influence on the iron
formation. Thrusting and recumbent folding of the iron formation in
several areas has led to limb thickening, thinning, and doubling up of
the mineralized horizons in some locations. The known deposits or more
prospective areas on the property are those areas where the iron
formation has been deformed and is now flat-lying, or slightly dipping
with a strike to the NNE and dipping about 15 degrees, and raised above
the surrounding non-mineralized rocks, deformed into anticlines or
synclines, doubled up or otherwise thickened.

Concentrating ores are typically composed of magnetite and or hematite
and silicate minerals at relatively low grades (20-30% Fe) that require
grinding to liberate magnetite and/or hematite from the silicate
minerals. Magnetite is concentrated by magnetic methods and hematite is
concentrated by gravity or flotation methods.

The value of concentrating ores is determined by a combination of Fe
grade and ease of liberation. For example, a lower Fe grade ore may
have a higher value than a higher Fe grade ore if it liberates at a
coarser grind enabling greater throughput with lower grinding costs.

Samples have been sent for assay and will be reported when available.

Phillip Thomas, BSc, MBus, MAIG, a Qualified Person under NI 43-101, has
reviewed the content of this release.

On Behalf of the Board of Directors,
Arrowstar Resources Ltd.

“Robert L. Card”

Robert L. Card

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