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Discover a Different Route This Summer With Electric Bikes From 50cycles

August 7, 2012

LONDON, August 8, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

Forget sweaty tubes, packed buses and gridlocked roads – during this year’s summer of
sports the easiest and most comfortable way of getting around London is by electric bike
[http://www.50cycles.com ]. Scott Snaith, Owner of 50cycles [http://www.50cycles.com ]
says that sales of their Kalkhoff electric bike
[http://www.50cycles.com/kalkhoff-impulse-ebike-introduction.htm ] range have doubled over
the last few months. Scott believes that the threat of congestion along with the
Government’s Active Travel programme which encourages more walking and cycling are the
main reasons behind their increased sales. As a spectator, cycling to venues is much
easier than you might think and with free, secure, managed cycle parking what better way
to absorb the sporting atmosphere and all that London has to offer. Transport for London
[http://www.london2012.com/spectators/travel/cycling ] have put together a guide of
cycling routes to the Olympic Park along with 14 other cycle guides covering the whole of
greater London recommended by cyclists themselves.

If you’re a local resident or work within the city then an electric bike offers the
freedom and flexibility of getting about without relying on public transport or worrying
about congested roads. Many smart commuters
[http://www.50cycles.com/section.htm?section=commuting-electric-bikes ] have already
planned a swift route to the office on their electronic bikes, leaving them stress-free
and able to enjoy the buzz of this year’s events. Pedal Assist is the best way to power an
electric bike. It uses a centre motor to efficiently multiply your own pedal power giving
you total control over the motor at all times, a wider choice of gears and brakes plus far
greater reliability and range, superior efficiency and hill-climbing.

Recent revolutionary breakthroughs including the new Impulse
[http://www.50cycles.com/kalkhoff-impulse-ebike-introduction.htm ] technology means
electric bike users can enjoy a 60 mile range from a single charge. And at just 10p per
charge from mains, it’s easy to see why thousands of people across London are choosing to
ride electric bikes every day. For further information or to book a test ride please
contact us via the website 50cycles.com [http://www.50cycles.com ]

        50cycles Electric Bicycles
        63 High Street
        Hampton Wick
        KT1 4DG
        Contact - Scott Snaith, scott@50cycles.com

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