Mars Rover Curiosity to Explore Potential for Life; Businesses Explore Potential for Profit

August 8, 2012

With NASA rovers Spirit, Opportunity, and Curiosity as inspiration, RCBryan & Associates notes the connection between exploration for potential on Mars with exploration for potential in business, and announces their Kick Starter Business Coaching Package.

Cleveland, OH (PRWEB) August 08, 2012

The NASA rover, aptly named “Curiosity”, landed on Mars early Monday. The rover is due to explore the Gale Crater and Mount Sharp in order to search for organic molecules, determining if there is potential that life existed on Mars. Because previous rovers, named “Spirit” and “Opportunity” were both operational for much longer than expected, Curiosity could be functional on Mars for 2 years or more. Based on the success of NASA´s rover Curiosity landing on Mars leading to exploration of potential, RCBryan & Associates invites businesses to explore potential with coaching services.

Coaching services play the same role to businesses as the landing of the rover on Mars plays to NASA“¦the ability to explore new terrain and combine that with previous knowledge in order to determine what the potential may be. For businesses, this potential could be growth opportunities, new product development, or ability to profit. For Curiosity, of course, the potential focuses on scientific analysis of sediments in order to determine if Mars could have supported life at one point in time. Much like scientists may correlate new findings with old data, coaching services also finds that previous efforts and their rate of success or failure needs to be determined in order to move forward with a new business plan.

RCBryan and Associates, a business coaching company based out of Cleveland, offers coaching services that help small business owners and entrepreneurs start a business, develop a plan, or develop marketing. Perhaps the most important of the coaching services, however, is examining a business opportunity. Much like the rover on Mars, RCBryan and Associates uses its coaching services to examine the functionality and current condition of a business opportunity in order to determine its potential. This exploration for potential in business is what makes coaching services so useful to growing a successful company.

If success is desired, one must reach for the moon. Make that “reach for Mars” in the case of NASA´s Curiosity rover. No matter what goals one is reaching for, business coaching services offered by RCBryan and Associates are designed to help. Through their Kick Starter Business Coaching Package, RCBryan & Associates guides their clients towards their goals with phone and internet based support from strategic advisors with experience in entrepreneurship. For more information on coaching services or the Kick Starter Package, contact RCBryan and Associates via their website or telephone 888-722-7926.

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