What Lady Gaga Can Teach Companies About Branding & Reputation Management

August 9, 2012

The posting of a racy photo by Lady Gaga can teach lessons on branding & reputation management; RCBryan and Associates release a free reputation management report to prove it.

Cleveland, OH (PRWEB) August 09, 2012

A racy photograph of Lady Gaga was released this week depicting the star swimming nude with her boyfriend Taylor Kinney, actor on the television program Vampire Diaries. Known for her publicity stunts and lack of modesty, Lady Gaga shared the picture on the social networking website “Little Monsters”, which was created for her fan base. The release of this photo has some questioning what type of reputation Lady Gaga is trying to present to her fans, and if Lady Gaga has become her own brand. Reputations on the internet can make or break a brand, and for businesses, reputation management has become a key element of maintaining a positive brand image. Lady Gaga may not need reputation management services, like many online businesses use, as her scandalous behavior establishes a brand that is acceptable to her fan base.

Through the use of social media, Lady Gaga has grown a fan base that warrants its own social networking website. This type of brand development is huge, and may leave businesses wondering if their brand is established and visible on the internet. Through the use of reputation management services, companies can determine if their websites are visible to their potential customers like Lady Gaga´s information is visible to her eager fans. Being seen on the internet is often times just as important as what a company may present as content, so visibility plays a key role in establishing a brand and managing an online reputation.

Reputation services, like those offered by RCBryan and Associates, also use customer reviews to determine if a company may have a good or bad reputation online. Imagine if every fan´s reaction to the somewhat shocking photo of Gaga affected her reputation–it could drastically change her brand image seen by many online. In order to protect their brand images, businesses use reputation services in order to promote and maintain and good reputation on the internet, so that potential customers are drawn to their website instead of being turned off by negative feedback.

RCBryan and Associates, a Cleveland internet marketing and business coaching company, highlights reputation management as one of the key elements to online success. In order to have traffic and interest in a company´s website, they must first make sure there is not negative information floating around that may be pushing consumers away. In order to assist companies with their reputation management needs, RCBryan and Associates developed a free local reputation report. This report can be access at http://www.rcbryan.com/local-reputation-report, or for more information call 888-722-7926.

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