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Kelly Products Offers 90-Day Free Trial of Knowtify, the EPA Pesticide Data Mining Solution for Chemical Professionals

August 14, 2012

COVINGTON, Ga., Aug. 14, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Kelly Products, a leading provider of essential information and automation solutions to the chemical and agribusiness industries, today announced that it is making Knowtify, its data mining tool for EPA and state pesticide data, available for free 90-day evaluations. The Knowtify free trial program is open to qualified regulatory officers, brand managers, product developers and sales professionals directly involved in the U.S. pesticide marketplace.

Why Knowtify?

EPA and state agriculture databases house a wealth of details on every U.S. pesticide product, making them goldmines of potentially useful data. Knowtify turns that data into usable business intelligence. A Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution accessed through standard web browsers, Knowtify gives subscribers the ability to conduct on-demand searches of virtually any aspect of regulated pesticide products, and to be notified automatically of any new information regarding products or active ingredients.

Currently used by many of the country’s leading chemical companies, Knowtify’s usefulness spans the enterprise. It supports regulatory officers’ efforts to ensure that company EPA records are accurate and complete, assists product developers in understanding their chemical options, aids brand managers in responding to changes in the competitive landscape and helps sales professionals uncover opportunities with new and existing customers.

“Knowtify is sufficiently flexible that most customers adopt it for a specific purpose, then discover additional uses for it,” said Keith Kelly, president of Kelly Products, Inc. “Its unlimited access to quick answers and automatic alerts support a surprising variety of decision-making scenarios.”

The Knowtify Evaluation Program

The Knowtify free 90-day trial is available to qualified professionals in any company actively involved in the U.S. pesticide market; to enroll, visit www.kelly-products.com/knowtifyme. The 90-day trial provides access to all Knowtify searches and features in support of a complete evaluation, and a product expert will provide live, remote assistance for orientation to best uses according to individual needs.

For professionals wanting more information on Knowtify, a white paper is available on the trial sign-up web page. Anyone wanting to contact Kelly Products directly regarding the program can call Mary Miller, Knowtify Business Development, at (540) 605-0460 or email mary@kellyreg.com.

About Kelly Products

Headquartered in Covington, Georgia, holding company Kelly Products, Inc. provides various segments of the chemical and agribusiness industries with essential information and automation solutions. Kelly Products’ business units help leading chemical companies formulate and bring winning products to market quickly; assist departments of agriculture with electronic data capture, data tracking and funds collection for greater efficiency; and support gardening and landscaping interests by providing a wealth of information and assistance that fosters results for homes and businesses. For more information, visit www.kelly-products.com.

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