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Northern California Oil Fire Points Out Risks for Businesses, Says Fire Protection Group, Inc.

August 16, 2012

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 16, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — The long summer of 2012 got even hotter last week when a Chevron oil refinery in the Northern California community of Richmond was set ablaze. The staff of Fire Protection Group, Inc. – a company specializing in a range of fire protection services for companies and individuals – believes the fire should be seen as a teachable moment for businesses of all sizes to be mindful of the potential for damage caused by any fire.

The Chevron fire not only threatened the lives and health of employees and reportedly caused thousands of fearful residents of Contra Costa County to visit nearby hospitals, it also will present a serious ongoing drain on the oil company’s ongoing profits as the refinery remains closed and lawsuits inevitably mount. Adding to the public relations damage to Chevron, the fire is also being blamed for an ongoing spike in gasoline prices throughout the West.

Aside from the cost of paying settlements on lawsuits and the damages to the Chevron brand in terms of public relations, the cost of repairs to the Chevron facilities are likely to be enormous, notes FPG, Inc.’s general manager and lead engineer, George Saadian. “Without knowing the details of what happened, I wouldn’t presume to judge Chevron’s fire protection systems,” said Mr. Saadian. “It’s obvious that an operation like an oil refinery presents a lot of special challenges in terms of fire prevention and suppression. Nevertheless, whenever a fire like this breaks out, the systems that should be in place have in some way broken down. While it may never be possible to completely rule out the risk of a fire on any property, the risks can always be reduced,” Mr. Saadian said. “The fire in Richmond is just another tragic reminder of the importance of companies doing everything in their power to put systems in place that can prevent the risk of a fire and greatly reduce its impact should one occur.”

Fire Protection Group, Inc. offers its clients with turn-key assistance in terms of fire prevention and suppression, including a full array of products ranging from outstanding fire sprinkler systems and standpipes to fire extinguishers, fire escapes and more. The company is headed by Mr. Saadian and retired veteran Los Angeles fire chief, Al Hernandez. Both men have been active in the revision of a number of statewide fire regulations and codes. They have both been lauded as a being among California’s leading authorities on fire prevention and safety for businesses and residences.

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