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Push Pull Cambodia Launches Holiday Collection Under New Name, basik 855

August 20, 2012

SEATTLE, Aug. 20, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Push Pull Cambodia, the handbag and accessories line known for its hand-tied, hand-dyed, and hand-woven ikat textiles made using traditional ikat techniques, is today launching its holiday collection, BASH, under the new name, basik 855.

“While our company name will remain Push Pull Cambodia, we are shifting the name of our consumer-facing brand to basik 855 because we feel it better aligns with the root of our brand foundation,” says founder, Dan Flickinger. “The timing is perfect as we are also launching our new holiday collection.”

The name basik 855 was conceived from a combination of several factors. Here, the word “basic” invokes the idea of “real” and “from the earth.” Bags are a basic fashion need but these designs are anything but basic. They are works of art in themselves. The bag textiles have one-of-a-kind qualities and are made by skilled ikat artisans using hand-weaving techniques that have been around for centuries in Cambodia. They use the traditional technique passed down for generations and insert a modern aesthetic with graphic patterns and design.

The shift in the spelling of the word basic to “basik” is a reference to the ikat technique that is used in the production of the textiles that form the products. 855 is the country code of Cambodia, where the dream began and the reality happens.

This new collection launching today under the rebranded name looks to the festive mood of the holiday season for inspiration. Embellishment, sequins and jewelry-styled chains abound in this collection that answers the need for the “perfect party bag” during the holiday season. The contrast of rustic fabric and lux embellishments delivers the ultimate in modern design.

Additionally, with the new rebrand, the company is offering the same high-end fashion at great prices, with almost everything now under $100.

basik 855 started when founder Dan Flickinger traveled to Cambodia and saw first-hand the incredible artistry and skill that goes into the ikat weaving process. He not only recognized the skill involved, he realized that this was the heart and soul of these villages with at least one loom in every home. He met a local artisan and was so inspired to help the community he now employs 47 artisans in the weaving center.

About basik 855
Push Pull Cambodia, now basik 855, creates hand-woven, couture, cotton ikat textiles. Making ikat by hand is a precise craft that requires high levels of artistry and focus, as well as hours of dedication. basik 855 partners with skilled adult Khmer Artisans, most of whom have been weaving ikat for generations, to create a range of fashion accessories, textiles, and home decor that showcases some of the finest ikat in the world.

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