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L.B. White Heating Technology for Pig Building Climate Control Saves Up to 35% in Fuel Costs

August 28, 2012

ONALASKA, Wis., Aug. 28, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — L.B. White Company, a leading global provider of agricultural heating solutions, has announced Smart Sense–an innovative pig building climate management solution that saves up to 35% in fuel costs. Smart Sense(TM) is a variable-rate heat technology that automatically controls and maintains consistent pig building temperature. This newly engineered technology works in all pig development applications (wean-to-finish, farrowing, nursery) using L.B. White Guardian(TM) forced-air heaters and Infraconic(TM) radiant-heat brooders.

“Smart Sense is changing how pig facility managers control temperature and operating costs of their buildings. We think it’s the right time for the industry to embrace this technology and take a pivotal step forward,” commented Rick Diermeier, President and CEO of L.B. White Company. “Last winter, we field tested Smart Sense at a major hog producers’ facilities. As a result, they added this technology to 25,000 pig spaces.”

Traditional on/off control systems require manual temperature adjustments that are inefficient for managing pig building temperature and fuel-cost savings. This new technology improves system efficiency at a high level of sophistication. Smart Sense functions automatically through a programmable control box that connects to the primary control panel and then works conjointly with the facility ventilation system. Smart Sense then generates only the amount of heat required to reach, maintain, and hold a desired temperature by automatically modulating Btu/h output.

Smart Sense is currently configured on three L.B. White Guardian forced-air heaters with electronic ignitions (hot surface or spark). The L.B. White Guardian with Smart Sense heaters have a maximum output range between 60,000-250,000 Btu/h, have indoor or outdoor mounts available, and are certified to meet or exceed U.S. and Canadian safety standards. Standard Guardian forced-air heaters with electronic ignitions can also be retrofitted with Smart Sense.

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L.B. White is a leading global source of agricultural heating solutions. The company manufactures forced air heaters, radiant heat brooders, portable heaters, tube heaters and the Oval 80 for pig and poultry buildings. L.B. White has capabilities to fulfill the unique heating requirements of pig and poultry integrators, agricultural equipment distributors, hog producers, and poultry growers. The company, founded in 1952, is privately held and headquartered in Onalaska, Wisconsin.

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