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Telect Releases New Universal CFlow(TM) to Optimize Energy Efficiency In All Data Centers

August 29, 2012

LIBERTY LAKE, Wash., Aug. 29, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — See energy savings on all of your data center server racks with Telect’s new universal CFlow(TM) energy management strip. The CFlow(TM) strip is an intuitive, money-saving solution for managing data center energy usage and optimizing HVAC efficiency, ultimately lowering data center energy costs.

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“The CFlow(TM) strip is a simple solution for enabling people to visualize data center airflows and temperatures–and most importantly, empowering them to increase energy efficiencies,” says Paul Knight, Vice President of Product Development. “It’s like having your own personal expert in computation fluid dynamics–that never sleeps and can ship in a box.”

Cooling systems constitute roughly 30% of a network facility’s energy bill, so robust thermal monitoring systems are essential to saving money. Studies show that with proper air flow management and hot/cold aisle optimization, facilities can reduce overall power consumption by several percentages. The challenge resides in where and how to implement common methods for increasing efficiencies, such as floor tile changes and blanking plates–opportunities that become clear with CFlow(TM).

The low-cost CFlow(TM) strip is a slender, vertical strip of plastic engineered with color-shifting properties responsive to temperature. The strip was originally launched as an accessory to Telect’s earthquake-safe data center rack, but due to its success, it is now being offered with a removable Carrier base that mounts to any rack. A standard universal CFlow(TM) and Carrier kit includes two strips to manage and monitor the airflow on both the front and back of a rack.

Primary Benefits

Provides a Temperature Map
Provides Intuitive Diagnostics
Optimizes HVAC Systems
Drives Immediate ROI
Assists in Energy Cost Savings
Shifts with Temperature Changes in Real Time
Simple to Install
Simple to Use

Telect changes the future in line-of-sight energy management with the CFlow(TM): Watch and learn. www.telect.com/Cflow

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