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Baytems’ New ESDzap Offers the Most Affordable ESD Simulation on the Market

August 30, 2012

TAMPERE, Finland, Aug. 30, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Baytems, a world leader in electronics testing equipment, is pleased to announce the release of the ESDzap — the most economical and capable ESD simulator in its class. With a price tag under $4,000, the ESDzap offers the same features and functionality as devices that cost twice as much. As a handheld device that is IEC/EN 61000-4-2 certified, the ESDzap offers versatility, reliability and an ease of use that’s hard to match. For smaller companies with small budgets, it is a perfect solution.

ESD simulators are essential tools in a number of industries, from consumer electronics to automotive, that need to test the immunity of a device or component to potentially harmful electrostatic discharge. In the past, companies often relied on large, clunky, expensive tools. Baytems’ new ESDzap brings together quality craftsmanship and lightweight design, all at an attractive price point. Now, even small businesses and individuals can benefit from industrial-grade testing equipment. At less than $4,000, the ESDzap is an investment that will quickly pay for itself.

ESD simulation is an important facet of precompliance testing and is also a requirement for a product to receive the CE mark, which certifies that a product meets certain performance and safety standards in European markets. With the ESDzap, developers can ensure that a new product will perform well and safely before launching into full-scale production.

The ESDzap offers a wide range of functionalities. It can test in 100 V increments, with a minimum setting of 500 V and a maximum setting of 8 kV. The ESDzap includes air and contact modes, automatic triggering, pulse detection, automatic polarity switching, discharge detection and a straightforward user interface. It even comes with a handy carrying case. With the ESDzap’s combination of useful features, convenience and affordable pricing, no electronics manufacturer should be without one.

To download the ESDzap datasheet, review its features, or buy a unit, visit the Baytems online shop at http://www.baytems.com/?t=products&s=emc&p=esdzap.

ESDzap Hi-Resolution Image

About Baytems

Baytems is a leading designer, developer and manufacturer of electronic instruments and testing devices. In addition to ESD simulators, the company produces LISN devices for testing interference on power lines. Baytems also produces telecommunications equipment for the aerospace and defense industry, including broadband amplifiers and databus products. Based in Finland, Baytems has delivered innovative devices and technology solutions for 10 years.


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