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EdenPURE® gains exclusive rights to distribute revolutionary, scientifically-advanced Air Purifier called the O2

August 30, 2012

CANTON, Ohio, Aug. 30, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — EdenPURE® has obtained exclusive distribution rights to supply American homeowners with the most advanced air purifier available. The technology used in the EdenPURE® O(2) Air Purifier is backed by 15 years of use in industrial, commercial and medical facilities. This is the first time such industrial grade technology has been offered for home air purification purposes.

Considering that the average person spends at least 90% of their time indoors, the quality of indoor air has been under scrutiny. The EPA reports that air inside the home could be up to 100 times more polluted than the air outside. Issues such as allergies, breathing difficulties, sneezing, coughing, itchy eyes and a myriad of respiratory problems have been linked to indoor air pollutants.

The EdenPURE® O(2) Air Purifier removes all three types of pollutants:

1) particulate pollutants like pollen, dust and pet dander

2) gas pollutants like VOCs (volatile organic compounds), cleaning solutions,
and solvents

3) biological pollutants like viruses, mold and mildew

The technology that allows the EdenPURE® O(2) to be so effective attracts unwanted airborne pollution like a magnet, drawing these pollutants into the unit. According to multiple third party laboratory tests, 99.9% of pollutants were removed with the EdenPURE® O(2), leaving air clear of illness-causing contaminants.

For over 15 years, hospitals, nurseries, schools and hotels have utilized the technology found in the EdenPURE® O(2) Air Purifier. Its patented Biohygienics System eliminates a need for expensive filters and replaceable UV light bulbs. And this makes the EdenPURE® O(2) the perfect air purifier to transition from the industrial arena to the consumer level.

EdenPURE® O(2) is the only air purifier endorsed by Allergy Partners, P.A., the nation’s largest allergy practice dedicated to the delivery of high-quality care for asthma and allergic disease. “Seeing this technology in hospital settings, and seeing proof that it reduces bacteria in a real-world setting just adds more strength to the argument that this device has substantial air purification capabilities for removing multiple contaminants,” said Dr. David Brown, Chief M.D. and CEO of Allergy Partners P.A.

Dr. Brown attests to the potential of the EdenPURE® O(2) technology by commenting, “in fact, I was so impressed with the effectiveness of the EdenPURE® O(2) that I, along with the vast majority of the owners of Allergy Partners, invested in the company.”

With principles based on an initiative to market the safest and highest quality healthy-home products, EdenPURE® is proud to add the O(2 )Air Purifier to its catalog of affordable healthy-home products.

About EdenPURE®

EdenPURE® is a division of Suarez Corporation Industries (SCI), an Ohio-based direct marketing company. EdenPURE® develops, manufactures and promotes an entire line of healthy home products including heaters, air purifiers and additional products to help nurture a healthy home environment.

EdenPURE® and SCI believe that success in the consumer arena is based upon developing a relationship with their customers. The key to building and maintaining these relationships is rooted in trust, earned by demonstrating the highest level of integrity. Integrity is the very core of EdenPURE®’s business ethic.

For more information on the EdenPURE® O(2, )visit EdenpureO2.com.

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