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Introducing xMOD, a New Multi-Model Simulation Platform for Developing Complex Systems

September 5, 2012

RUEIL-MALMAISON, France, September 5, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

IFPEN and D2T Powertrain Engineering have launched xMOD, an innovative model
integration software platform. This product sets itself apart by its ability to make
models from different tools work together, in a single environment. It can even be used
with Hardware in the Loop (HiL)* test benches. xMOD can save a great deal of time in the
increasingly complex development of industrial systems. One such example is powertrain
development in the automobile industry. From the early design phase, models from a variety
of software (Matlab/Simulink, AMESim, Dymola, GT-Power, SimulationX and Code C/C++) used
to coexist. These can now interact together on the entire powertrain thanks to xMOD.

The new software was designed to squarely fit the requirements of all stakeholders
involved in the development process. A vast amount of experience in simulation is not
required to use this software. Instead, it is designed to give engineers from various
professions control over the entire process. User interfaces can be customized and
confidentiality management is integrated.

Furthermore, xMOD does more than simply streamline the design phase. It can also be
used on HiL validation benches for engine control unit (ECU) and, for some components,
even on engine or powertrain test benches. xMOD therefore provides a single working
environment, from design right through to validation. This facilitates communication
between departments, gives everyone access to simulation and limits the risk of errors and
lost information.

Thanks to its high potential, xMOD is already being used to great effect for
conventional, hybrid and electric powertrain applications. D2T has already sold xMOD
licenses to Renault. Moreover, the platform has also been used as part of many projects
IFPEN is involved in.

* HiL: platforms that can be used to test physical parts such as control units in a
simulated virtual environment like a complete vehicle

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