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Hittite Solar Energy CTO Oguz Capan to Speak on Utility Scale CSP Breakthrough Technology, September 11th at SPI 2012 in Orlando

September 10, 2012

ORLANDO, Fla., Sept. 10, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Hittite Solar Energy Chairman and Chief Technology Officer Oguz Capan will be speaking about his new super heated, Direct Steam Generation parabolic trough technology breakthrough during a session titled “Breakthroughs in Utility Scale CSP” at 2:30pm at Solar Power International, Tuesday September 11th.

    WHERE:       Solar Power International 2012, September
                 11th at 2:30pm
                Orange County Convention Center
                9400 Universal Boulevard.
                Orlando, FL 32819

    WHO:        Oguz Capan, CTO Hittite Solar Energy
                "Breakthroughs in Utility Scale CSP"
                Room 304G

    BACKGROUND:  Hittite Solar Energy is a leading innovator
                 in three important areas of sustainability:
                 Concentrated Solar Power (CSP), water
                 treatment, and heat storage. Hittite's
                 unique, patented parabolic trough design is
                 the first proven system capable of Direct
                 Steam Generation (DSG). This breakthrough
                 creates the efficiencies and cost reductions
                 necessary to make CSP competitive with other
                 renewable technologies, as well as allowing
                 for further innovations in heat storage and
                 water treatment technologies. Based in
                 Istanbul, Turkey, Hittite has built in
                 Denver, Colorado a demonstration project of
                 its revolutionary technology at SolarTAC,
                 the largest demonstration and test facility
                 for solar technologies in the United States.

Hittite Solar Energy provides energy technologies to businesses around the globe. To learn more, visit the website at http://www.hittitesolarenergy.com.

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