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Pioneer Exploration Inc. Announces IBA Green Technology Solves Highway Bill EPA Concern

September 10, 2012


NEWPORT BEACH, CA, Sept. 11, 2012 /PRNewswire/ – IBA Green, Inc., a wholly
owned subsidiary of Pioneer Exploration Inc. (PIEX) announces it has
confirmed through independent third party testing that it has
successfully developed a process to treat toxic incinerator bottom ash
(IBA) to meet acceptable Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
standards.  IBA is the residue from burning coal or solid waste in
order to generate electric power. 

Proposed EPA regulations designating IBA as a hazardous material have
threatened to restrict its use as an additive to concrete and
construction materials, effecting provisions to the current proposed
renewal of the Federal Highway Bill legislation set to expire this June
30, 2012.  Energy companies and the construction industry want to
include provisions to the legislation barring the EPA from such
restriction, while environmentalists oppose such provisions.

IBA Green’s technology, now confirmed through independent verification,
“is a process to treat and convert IBA into viable and environmentally
responsible construction materials,” said Angelo Scola, Chairman of the
Board of IBA Green.  “The treated IBA can produce a geoploymer concrete
that not only meets all EPA and ASTM standards, but also makes a
concrete that is far stronger and lasts twice as long as concrete used
today in the building of highways and bridges”, explains Mr. Scola. 

The independent third party testing of IBA Green’s technology consisted
of treatment of a specific IBA sample.  It was confirmed that the
resultant solidified product yielded extractable metal content well
below expected levels of standardized testing including the EPA 1311
TCLP and was compliant with levels for safe disposal and applications
in the U.S. and around the world.

About IBA Green, Inc. 

IBA Green has developed a process to mitigate the environmental issues
associated with toxic end products of the Waste-to-Energy industry, and
has developed a patented process to safely and economically utilize the
previously toxic end product. The IBA Technology works in synergy with
the waste-to-energy industry, converting the toxic end products into
commercially viable green construction products. 

The IBA Technology was specifically developed to address coal ash and
incinerator bottom ash (IBA), which is the resulting residue that is
created after the combustion process of burning coal or solid waste to
generate electric power. Currently, there are approximately 600 coal
burning and 85 waste to energy electric power plants across the USA
creating an aggregate 85 million tons of toxic coal ash or IBA

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