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Canada Post delivers innovation with next generation of epost

September 12, 2012

Enhanced security, address authentication enables greater e-government
and e-business services

TORONTO, Sept. 12, 2012 /CNW/ – Canada Post is enhancing epost, Canada’s
digital mailbox, creating a platform that brings greater functionality
for Canadians and sets the foundation for delivering enhanced
government and business services. The latest iteration of epost offers
better design and navigation, enhanced tools to manage bills and an
unparallelled authentication process that links digital identity with a
user’s physical address.

“We believe that epost can play a key role in the growth of Canada’s
digital economy,” says Kerry Munro, Group President of the Digital
Delivery Network, Canada Post. “With authentication, epost extends
beyond bills and can deliver more sensitive, evidentiary documents that
require user and address validation while providing a more secure and
efficient e-delivery solution for consumers to communicate with
business and government.”

The new platform launches in Kitchener Waterloo, a hotbed for innovation
and technology, and will signal a series of epost innovations that will
roll out nationally into 2013 to offer greater convenience, content,
services, safety and security to Canadians, business and government.

Canada Post knows addresses: authentication means Kitchener Waterloo
epost users can link their digital identity with their physical
address, helping validate their identity. As privacy becomes an
increasingly contentious issue online, both government and businesses
grapple with how they can provide e-services safely and securely, while
protecting Canadians’ personal information. Through authentication,
Canadians will be able to share more sensitive and secure information
with government and business.

Authentication offers a solution to government bodies looking for safe
ways to provide e-services to constituents, like license sticker or
parking permit renewals, and businesses looking to offer more flexible,
secure online transactions. This enables governments and businesses to
reduce fraud and costs related to online infrastructure, technology or
customer service.

epost is the largest bill consolidation solution in Canada. With over
7.7 million Canadians having registered with epost, and over 100
participating businesses – including 17 municipalities – epost has a
robust, safe and secure foundation that allows Canada Post to enhance
the scope of services available in the future.

“We understand what Canadians want: fast, easy, safe and secure
consolidation of their bills, and other essential documents, that they
can manage in one place and pay through their online banking,” adds
Munro. “Canada Post has been delivering to Canadians’ physical doorstep
for more than a century and now we are well positioned to enhance
delivery to Canadians’ digital mailbox.”

For Canadians already paying their bills through online banking, but
accessing their bills or essential documents via email or having to
visit multiple sites with multiple logins and passwords, epost provides
one convenient, safe and secure way to manage your household affairs.
Personal information stays within Canada’s virtual borders, and is not
exposed to foreign privacy acts or servers.

About epost
epost is the free digital mailbox that helps busy Canadians simplify their
lives by offering one place, one login, one password to manage their
household bills and essential documents. Fully integrated with your
bank, epost makes it easier than ever before to consolidate and pay
your bills. Bank-grade security and a digital safety deposit box
protect you and your sensitive information while reminders help you
avoid late fees. Over 7.7 million Canadians have registered with epost
to stay better organized, and save time and money.

SOURCE Canada Post

Source: PR Newswire