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Air Burners, Inc. Teams with Canada Powerhouse for Exclusive Representation to Expand Sales for Wood Waste Burners in Emerging Markets of Western Canada, NWT and Yukon

September 25, 2012

PALM CITY, Fla., Sept. 25, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Air Burners, Inc. of Palm City, Florida has teamed with Canada Powerhouse of Grande Prairie, Alberta to expand sales for its WHOLE LOG wood waste burners and related technologies in the fast-growing markets of Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, the Northwest Territories and the Yukon. Air Burners’ standard FireBox systems have a long history of being used worldwide for the efficient and environmentally friendly processing of vegetative waste, including woody biomass that is not suitable for beneficial use, such as waste to energy conversion. The air curtain burner systems reduce woody debris generated in the forestry, agriculture, mining, oil exploration, disaster recovery and construction industry to a small amount of useful wood ash. This superior method reduces the need for trucking, grinding and land filling resulting in substantial cost savings and the release of significantly less air pollutants.

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According to Dale Mazur, General Manager of EBBC, “Air Burners, Inc. provides strategic solutions for the industries we serve. Reductions in operating costs, environmentally friendly, landfill capacities, reduced risks of fires all added up to a definite need in how companies manage their waste(s). We hope the days of open-pit burning are a thing of the past with the use of ABI proprietary equipment. Business and the environment win. EBBC receives a considerable amount of requests for District Heating, Cogeneration, and emission reduction requests; we believe the ‘unsuitable material’ or the carbon footprint generated for the costs to transport this material has been ‘over-looked.’ We needed a solution for many of our business partners with a majority of requests coming from pipelines and forestry. This technology not only safely handles the waste stream, cogeneration and heat can be successfully recovered; imagine being deep in the bush and being able to further reduce the carbon footprint by the reduction of energy spent to transport fuel to the team in the field. EBBC and Canada Powerhouse are extremely pleased that we have managed to reach a both long-term and far-reaching agreement with Air Burners, Inc.”

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