Whirpool, Sharp win 10rate Editors Choice Awards for Value and Quality in the Microwave Category

September 27, 2012

Editors from 10rate award Whirpool and Sharp with awards in some of their comparisons of countertop appliances

Atlanta, Georgia (PRWEB) September 27, 2012

Expert 10rate editors have chosen the Top Microwaves in their latest Top 10 list in the small appliance arena. As reviewers looked at various counter-top microwaves, many factors came into consideration. Ease of use is is probably the most important feature in a microwave; many top-line models try to impress you with countless options, but they run the risk of being downright overwhelming. Frivolous “bells and whistles” add little to no value to a confused consumer. At the same time, a variety of options can be favorable depending on the execution. Extra features give a microwave versatility and usefulness that make it a wonderful kitchen tool. The microwaves on this list are suitable for any budget. The following are other criteria used by 10rate editors to compile the Top 10 List:

1. Size and appearance

2. Cooking time

3. Quality construction

4. Heating performance

According to the top 10 list, two notable microwaves currently available on the market are a Whirlpool microwave and a Sharp microwave. Concerning the Whirlpool microwave, reviewers stated that, “A stable, recessed glass turntable means more space in this Whirlpool countertop model. With a Maxwave cooking system, food heats up evenly and quickly. It´s a small and boxy model, but 1,200 watts gives it powerful cooking abilities. The controls are simple and easy to program. For convenience, automatic sensors make reheating and defrosting food easier .”

When reviewing the Sharp microwave, editors said,“For only $187.14, the Sharp R-530E is a powerful performer good for families whose appliances get a lot of use. The sensor features are fairly reliable, automatically heating or reheating food to the right temperature and avoiding cold spots. A variety of colors–metallic black, white, or stainless steel–gives you the option to match it with any style kitchen. Best of all, with a larger-than-average capacity and a generous glass turntable, this microwave can fit large pans and dishes with ease.”

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