Green Coffee Bean Extract Weight Loss Results Tied To Chlorogenic Acid Level In Supplement

October 3, 2012

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New York, NY (PRWEB) October 02, 2012

The top trend in natural weight loss is pure green coffee bean extract supplements. There are a variety of new products that have become available since the spring of 2012 when a popular physician and TV show host gave an enthusiastic endorsement to pure green coffee beans as an effective natural weight loss aid which produces results. But there are significant differences among the products, including the differing levels of the antioxidant chlorogenic acid in various green coffee supplements, which can play an important role in the effectiveness of the product.

First, some background is in order. Although extracts from green, or unroasted, coffee beans have been studied for many years it was not until 2012 when a specific weight loss research study was publicized which demonstrated successful, significant weight loss from taking green coffee extract supplements. The doctor who headed the study, Dr. Joe Vinson or the University of Scranton, reported that study participants who were given varying doses of the extract lost an average of over 17 pounds in 22 weeks. Dr. Vinson also reported that there were no negative side effects reported by any of the participants taking the green coffee. Dr. Vinson noted that in contrast to the lack of negative side effects from the green coffee extract supplements; this was not the case for prescription drugs used for weight loss. Vinson also noted that the study subjects did not alter the dietary or exercise habits.

Both Dr. Vinson and the popular TV doctor host, and guest, suggested that the likely reason for the weight loss success is an antioxidant contained in green coffee beans called chlorogenic acid and its effect on blood sugar levels. Chlorogenic acid is present in significant amounts in green, or raw, coffee beans but when the green beans are roasted to produce the coffee that most people drink daily, most of the chlorogenic acid is destroyed during the roasting process. So, drinking traditional roasted coffee would probably have only minimal weight loss effect. Raw coffee beans contain a higher level of chlorogenic acid than any other species of plant or bean.

As with any food or supplement, consumers are well advised to read ingredients labels before buying any product. This is especially true when shopping for green coffee bean extract supplements since the chlorogenic acid levels can vary greatly. Many of the top selling products contain from 42% to 50% chlorogenic acid. Since the chlorogenic acid level is very likely the most important factor in the weight loss potential of the product, consumers should verify how much chlorogenic acid is contained in any product being considered.

The HealthFoodPost.com website features a premium pure green coffee supplement called Perfect Green Coffee which contains 50% chlorogenic acid. Perfect Green Coffee is a pure product containing no additives or fillers and is lab-verified to contain 50% chlorogenic acid. The Perfect Green Coffee ingredients label is displayed on HealthFoodPost.com, as are ingredients labels for all featured products offered by the company.

Many consumers have wondered about the caffeine levels in coffee bean extract supplements. But Charles Furmley, the spokesperson for The Health Food Post, says that should not be a concern. Furmley says, “While caffeine levels can vary greatly from one green coffee product to another, Perfect Green Coffee contains only tiny trace amounts of caffeine which should not be a problem for most people.” Furmley adds, “A typical cup of roasted coffee contains 150mg of caffeine and sometimes up to 400mg, but Perfect Green Coffee supplements contain only a tiny 8 mg caffeine per capsule.” Still, Furmley says just to insure that sleep is not affected, it is probably be best to avoid the supplements late at night before bed. Furmley also noted that Perfect Green Coffee is fairly traded and carries a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee.

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