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Sofas Get a Modern Twist at CSL

October 5, 2012

LONDON, October 6, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

The heart of a modern home is the sitting room; a space where the whole family can
gather together to watch TV and movies, play games, or just relax and enjoy each other’s
company. The key to relaxation is comfort so it’s essential to choose the right seating
for your living room. Nothing is more comfortable than sinking into a soft fabric sofa.
Modern fabric sofas and chairs offer more warmth than other materials as well as a greater
choice of patterns, styles and colours. Today’s striking fabrics mean that your sofa can
play a real part in making a style statement, and in helping a home feel individual and

CSL offer a wide range of fabric sofas and chairs
[http://www.csl-sofas.co.uk/fabric-sofas ] with many currently at half price and delivered
within 72 hours. With a lifetime guarantee covering the spring system and frame on every
sofa and chair, your new furniture can give you years of pleasure if looked after

With that in mind, here are five top tips for keeping your CSL fabric sofa in
excellent condition:

Top 5 Tips for Long-Lasting Sofa Satisfaction

        1) Wear and tear of your new sofa is accelerated by dust and dirt so be sure
          to vacuum weekly. A lint roller is best for quickly and easily removing pet hairs if
          visitors are due.
        2) Most sofas come with stain-proof protection but this works best when spills
          are treated straightaway. Keep a cotton cloth and cleaner close by for immediate and
          effective treatment. Remember: blot, don't rub! If your material feels a little hard
          after cleaning, just brush gently with a toothbrush to soften.
        3) Remember to check the cleaning tag on the sofa to see which type of cleaner
          is most suitable. You should see one of the following:
          W - water-based cleaner only
          S - solvent-based cleaner only
          S-W - either type is fine
          If the tag has been removed, do a patch test on a hidden area.
        4) Remove smells from your sofa by sprinkling baking soda over affected areas.
          Simply allow the powder to sit for a while before vacuuming. Simple but effective!
        5) Get a professional cleaning company to give your sofa a comprehensive
          cleaning once a year. It may cost a little extra cash, but it'll give your sofa a
          longer lifespan and save you money in the long run.

Follow these tips and your CSL fabric sofa is sure to give you years of trouble-free

For more information on the full range of sofas on offer please visit
http://www.csl-sofas.co.uk/ [http://www.csl-sofas.co.uk ] or walk in to one of our sofa

        Warrington Sofa Store
        Pinners and BowRetail Park
        A49 (Near to Halliwell Jones Stadium and Tesco)
        WA2 7XA


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