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Increased Mobility With Electric Bikes From 50cycles

October 10, 2012

LONDON, October 8, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

For the first time in years, the Paralympics saw equal, if not greater, publicity and
coverage than the main Olympic games – inspiring disabled people the world over. Billed by
the media as ‘superhumans’, the Paralympic athletes demonstrated exactly how sport and
fitness inspired them to deal with their difficult situations and go on to achieve great

For many people living with a disability or a condition which affects their mobility,
the day to day tasks of getting around and working independently can often be challenging
and frustrating. Exercise presents a valuable opportunity to avoid the problems associated
with a sedentary lifestyle including weight gain and muscle wastage and can help people
with a temporary condition back on the road to recovery.

Electric bikes [http://www.50cycles.com/section.htm?section=comfort-electric-bikes ]
offer an opportunity for increased mobility – they enable the rider to do as much or as
little as they wish, giving extra power when it’s needed and allowing the rider to enjoy
the freedom of getting about by bike whilst gently building up their fitness. As a proven
way for people rehabilitating after long stays in hospital, electric bikes
[http://www.50cycles.com/section.htm?section=comfort-electric-bikes ] are a great step
towards getting back to being fighting fit again. What’s more, electric bikes give people
the confidence to ride further and for longer without worrying about breathlessness and
tiredness, therefore encouraging greater periods of exercise.

But cycling isn’t just about physical fitness – there are huge benefits in terms of
well-being too and an electric bike from 50cycles [http://www.50cycles.com ] make the
great outdoors far more accessible. Simply being out in the fresh air, amongst wildlife in
the countryside and exploring far beyond the usual perimeters can greatly increase the
quality of life for someone whose lack of mobility might otherwise hold them back.

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