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Common Halloween Costume Mistakes

October 15, 2012

HONG KONG, Oct. 15, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Halloween is coming again! Soon the streets will be filled with costumes. Pumpkin caps, wacky masks, skeleton unlined upper garments, etc “holy installation” very grab an eye. Especially Halloween costumes always look forward to most of young people. With Halloween approaching, some people think “wacky” marketing is the mainstream. But it is a mistake areas ideas about Halloween costume. Here we collection some formal clothing at Merle Dress is more suitable for funny Halloween.

Mistake Area #1
Although Halloween has not yet arrived, it is now less than 2 weeks away. Many young people have yet to plan for their costume. Furthermore, most people think that wedding dresses are just for getting married in, and that such formal attire is not suitable for Halloween, but this is wrong. According to a recent survey, as many as 25% of young people say that they would consider wearing a wedding dress to celebrate the festival. Many will even choose Halloween as their wedding date. Mainland China star Bing Bing was in bride’s makeup during fashion activities on Halloween. Merle Dress has also conducted its own research into this phenomenon. One girl interviewed, named Elly, who was looking for Merle wedding dresses, said: “I am very excited. I will get married and I want to be a beautiful bride on Halloween. It’s a funny day!” While some may see this idea as too non-mainstream and that it will be terrible, dressing in a wedding dress for Halloween is a good idea.

Mistake Area #2
Some also say that a long prom dress would not be suitable for Halloween, but they are also wrong. According to the same survey, a surprising number of respondents said that a prom dress has also emerged as a popular idea for Halloween attire in recent years. Merle prom dresses can replace an overly scary or garish Halloween costume. For single ladies it could be just the thing to help you stand out amongst all of the too-sexy outfits at parties. For Halloween this year try going as a mature and gentle young woman, wearing a sweet pink or tender green dress that will bring you lots of popularity. Maybe it’ll even help you to find that special someone.

Mistake Area #3
Evening dresses aren’t just suit for formal occasion. According to the survey evening dresses can also be worn on Halloween. For example, a red long evening dress, with red hair, red lips and red contact lenses would make any woman look like a medieval witch, but with an enchantingly different, sexy taste.

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