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BEMOSA to Hold Capstone Conference on Human Factors in Airport Security

October 15, 2012

BRUSSELS, October 15, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

The BEMOSA Consortium [http://www.bemosa.eu ], a European-wide research project aimed
at improving security in airports, will hold a special capstone conference
[http://www.bemosa.eu/news/item/66-invitation-for-the-bemosa-capstone-conference-applications-implications-of-human-factors-on-airport-security ]
on the applications and
implications of human factors on airport security in Brussels on November 29-30, 2012.

The conference will conclude three years of groundbreaking and extensive research
conducted in European airports.

During the event, BEMOSA researchers will present the results of the research and will
discuss the impact and possible applications of the results with various key experts from
stakeholder organizations.

Participants in the different panels will include policy makers and representatives
from organizations including the Airport Council International (ACI), European Civil
Association Conference (ECAC), the Aviation Security Services Association-International
(ASSA-I), the Transport Security Agency of the United States (TSA), the European
Organization for Security (EOS) and the Advisory Council for Aeronautics Research in
Europe (ACARE).

In addition, the BEMOSA concluding event is specifically designed to meet the needs of
airport security professionals, airport management officials, human resources and
operations, providers of airport security services and technology, providers of airport
security training services, public officials and policy makers.

BEMOSA’s key scientific team will analyze the study’s findings with a focus on the key
components affecting security decision-making that will encompass group decisions,
informal social networks and deviations from rules and procedures. It will also provide
some background about the methodology of the study itself, including the scalability and
transferability of the methodology.

The capstone conference will be held in the offices of DG Research of the European
Commission in Building CDMA room SDR2, Rue du Champs de Mars 21. The event is free of
charge, but registration is obligatory.

To register to the conference, click here
[http://www.bemosa.eu/news/item/66-invitation-for-the-bemosa-capstone-conference-applications-implications-of-human-factors-on-airport-security ]
, or send an email to
bemosa@bemosa.eu no later than November 15, 2012.


BEMOSA is a Europe-wide research project aimed at improving security in airports
through enhancing the capability of airport authority personnel to correctly detect
potential security hazards and reduce false alarms.

For more information about BEMOSA, and to register for the capstone conference, please
visit, http://www.bemosa.eu.

        Simon van Dam
        Project Manager
        Mobile: +972-54-4563384
        E-mail: bemosa@bemosa.eu


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