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CartoPac International Launches Innovative, Extensible Server Platform and Web Portal for Field Data Collection and Asset Management

October 17, 2012

FORT COLLINS, Colo., Oct. 17, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — CartoPac International, experts in providing innovative and robust GIS mobile field data collection and asset management solutions for the enterprise, announced today the launch of its new web-based CartoPac Portal and a new version of CartoPac Server. CartoPac Server has been re-architected as the foundation of an extensible server platform for field data collection, simplifying and automating the installation and administrative process in complex enterprise environments. It integrates with existing GIS web-based environments or can be purchased with the new CartoPac Portal as a complete end-to-end mobile server platform.

CartoPac Portal leverages Esri’s ArcGIS Online base maps to provide a way to rapidly deploy user friendly maps, greatly enhancing the user experience and adoption of mobile technology in the field. Field data can be rapidly accessed upon upload by all users across the enterprise. Field users can easily query and report on the data collected in the field. Managers have access to critical field data collection reports helping them to identify next steps quickly, while administrators have a central view for deploying and managing multiple mobile projects. CartoPac Portal will significantly enhance field user adoption, centralized management and operational decision-making.

“We are recognized as the leader in GIS mobile field data collection solutions, and have consistently looked for innovative ways to increase the functionality and power of our mobile server platform, while at the same time simplifying the management associated with field data collection deployments,” said Carl Lee, CEO of CartoPac. “Our new field mobile server platform is in direct response to these challenges and provides our customers the industry’s only true end-to-end field data collection platform, enabling deployment and management of hundreds of field users from a single management control panel,” said Carl.

“It’s very clear that the mobile server business for field asset management is becoming much more demanding for our customers. The modern mobile server functionality should be about extensibility, value and simplicity. We constantly challenge ourselves to deliver increasing value for our customers with unique capabilities. Companies now have at their fingertips the industry’s most complete mobile platform for field data collection. ”

Explore the benefits of CartoPac® Server and CartoPac® Portal at the GITA Oil and Gas Conference in Houston on October 22-24.

CartoPac® International is an enterprise field data collection and asset management software and services company, based in Fort Collins, Colorado, which uses its GIS mobile expertise to meet the needs of companies and governments worldwide. Using CartoPac solutions, GIS field asset data can be collected, managed, and rapidly shared across the enterprise, automating processes, improving data quality and enabling key enterprise spatial asset based decisions. CartoPac operates in Europe, the Middle East and Africa in partnership with ONG-IT, CartoPac’s Master Distributor.

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